Most people who stay in hotels take something from their room as a souvenir. What they take ranges from those little bars of soap and bottles of shampoo to linens and curtains from the window. Just because you can fit some items into your luggage doesn't mean that you should. While you might think you are getting away with Stealing from a hotel room, there are penalties.

According to Travel+Leisure, hoteliers don't mind if you take certain items home with you. On the other hands, stealing other items is definitely a crime. David Elton, a partner of Home Grown Hotels, said some people steal anything they can from the hotel.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association estimates that hotels lose up to $100 million per year because of theft.

Common items people steal

The hotel staff knows people will take some items from the hotel. Those items include the small bars of soap, tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shower cap, coffee pods, hotel stationery, pens, and even a coffee mug.

Bibles are stolen which contradicts what's written inside of the book. The Bible says do not steal, and it is ironic that people steal what tells them not to steal. Face cloths, towels, linens, and bed covers are taken by some hotel guests. Even though it is tedious to take curtains off those little hooks, some people have taken the time to do so.

They also take picture frames off the wall. People used to steal clothes hangers from the closet until the hotel made it impossible for them to be taken off the rod.

Light bulbs are taken out of lamps and batteries out of television remotes. It is difficult to steal enough silverware to have an actual set. That's why room service is used numerous times so people can steal as many individual pieces as possible.

Toilet paper, robes, slippers, irons, and hair dryers have made the list of things people steal. If guests can't afford to purchase these items for themselves, perhaps they shouldn't be staying in a hotel that has them. Also, if they have the money to pay for a Hotel Room, they should have money to buy what they are stealing.

Penalties for stealing from hotel room

People don't feel bad about stealing items because they believe they are included in the price of the room. What many people don't understand is that certain items should not be taken. Stealing from a hotel is a crime even though it is unlikely that anyone will be arrested. However, there might be some penalties.

Even though the hotels probably won't file a report against someone, they will charge the thief for the stolen items. The person might be put on a “no stay” list that will prohibit him from staying there in the future. The thief's name may be entered into a computer database and shared with other hotels. That will make it very difficult for someone to book a room anywhere. The best thing to do is to take out only the personal items that were taken into the hotel room.