Life is full of the unexplained, and one example is a story that can be found in The Bible. While most people believe anything supernatural must be from the Dark Side, scripture tells us in Daniel chapter 5 that fingers appeared on a wall one night without a hand or body attached. They wrote out a message indicating that the current ruler was found to have transgressed against the Lord and he died that very night. If it happened then, it surely could take place in our modern era. This is the one and only incident within the word of God where such a thing took place, but there is no way to verify whether or not there has been a similar supernatural occurrence since then.

Fingers with no hand write upon the wall

In Daniel chapter 5 the Bible tells the story of King Belshazzar, who is giving a party for his dignitaries. The utensils his guests are using were the holy gold and silver vessels taken from the temple when his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem. While they are eating and drinking, fingers appear and begin writing on the wall. The king is so distraught that his knees knock together. There are some translations that say his bowels loosened and he defecated and urinated on himself.

Everyone probably believed they were seeing a supernatural apparition from the dark side. As they watched, the hand went across the wall writing in a language they did not understand.

Belshazzar promised great riches to anyone who could tell him the meaning of the words and all his wise men were called. None of them, however, would interpret the writing. Finally, the queen said to call for Daniel who was known to interpret dreams with the power of the Lord.

The meaning of the handwriting on the wall

Daniel came but refused the King's gifts.

He did agree to tell him the meaning of the writing on the wall. The words were "Mene Mene Tekel Upharisan," and Daniel told Belshazzar that he had transgressed against the Lord and his kingdom was going to be taken from him that very night. Not long after Daniel left the company of the king, his enemies came and stormed the castle.

Belteshazzar died just as the prophet said.

Keep this story from the Bible in mind the next time you hear a tale of the supernatural, or perhaps see fingers with a hand, writing on a wall. It is entirely possible that the apparition may not be a visitation from the dark side, but a message of warning from the Lord, just like the fingers of a man's hand.