Cold Weather often means keeping a home airtight which can cause dry heat that can increase the risk of illness. Studies indicate that keeping our homes properly humidified during the winter months is beneficial for our health. Proper humidity may possibly prevent colds and flu, as well as sinus infections and allergies. It also keeps skin moist and helps us get a good night's sleep. If you do not have the benefit of an actual humidifier there is no need to worry. These ten Curious methods will help you maintain proper moisture balance inside your house, which will improve overall health.

and decrease the chance for issues that are associated with cold weather.

Water is key to keep your home properly humidified

Water is the key to maintaining proper moisture balance inside your house. The first suggestion is to boil water in a pot on top of your stove, so the steam will permeate the house. A second way to keep your living quarters humidified is to place cups or pots of water in strategic places throughout your home. Make sure you have them where children and pets will not knock them over. A third method is running Hot Water from the shower and keeping the bathroom door closed. The steam will warm the area and also open stuffy noses. When you open the door your entire home will reap the benefit.

The fourth way to humidify your home is to plug the drain and leave a little water in the bathtub after a shower. The fifth method of keeping moisture in your house is to hang laundry on the shower bar or use an indoor clothesline. A sixth suggestion is to fill a spray bottle with warm water and lightly spray furniture and or curtains.

This can be done in every room of the house.

Additional methods of increasing humidity

The seventh way you can ensure that your home will be properly humidified is by placing plants in every room. Houseplants also remove toxins from the air which is an added benefit. When you water them, the indoor humidity is improved and your skin and nasal passages will thank you.

Number eight is to air dry your dishes after washing them. Leave them in the dish strainer and allow the water vapor to moisturize the kitchen.

The ninth suggestion is to do more cooking on top of your stove. When you boil eggs, cook beans, greens or other meals, the steam will rise and create the moisture to humidify your house. The tenth way to keep your house properly humidified is to allow water in the bathtub and the kitchen sink to cool before you allow it to go down the drain. The hot water from your bath or washing dishes will evaporate into the house. Try as many of these suggestions as possible because they are free and harmless. Just be sure to watch pets and children.