Melania Trump accompanied Donald Trump to the G20 Summit in Germany. While the president met with the world leaders, Melania was scheduled to join their spouses for some events. That suddenly became a problem and Melania was basically stuck at her hotel. The protests got so big and deemed too dangerous for Melania to travel through the streets. The First Lady was literally stuck inside the guest cottage that she and her husband occupied while in Hamburg for the summit.

According to The Sun, First Lady Melania Trump was "holed up" in the hotel as the protests got chaotic outside the G20 Summit.

The DPA, which is the German news agency, reported that Melania Trump was unable to join the spouses of the other world leaders because they couldn't take the chance of traveling through the huge protest going on.

River cruise went down the drain

Fox News live on Friday afternoon has put the number of police officers injured during these protests at approximately 200. On Friday Melania was scheduled for a river cruise with the other spouses, as well as a visit to the climate center.

Plans were changed by the G20 Summit organizers who now have a presentation for the spouses of the world leaders slated to take place right at the Hamburg hotel instead of putting Melania in transit. According to the Telegraph, the violent protests not only left Melania Trump trapped in her hotel, but it prompted the Hamburg police to call for reinforcements.

Chaos ensues

Cars were set on fire, bottles and other hard objects were thrown at police, and a police helicopter was targeted with a firework. According to the Telegraph, it was a narrow miss when that firework passed by the helicopter. The protests brought the city of Hamburg to a stand still.

It wasn't just Melania Trump who was stuck at one point during the first day of the G20 Summit.

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Joko Widodo, the president of Indonesia, were both under lockdown due to the protests. The same holds true to the hotel where Vladimir Putin was staying, that hotel had come under attack by protesters.

Call for help

Some world leaders were late for their meetings, with the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble, pulling out of a meeting because of the protest interference.

An urgent call went out mid-morning on Friday to other law enforcement agencies in the country for reinforcements. Despite the 15,000 officers on the ground in Hamburg, they needed more.

Melania being Melania made lemonade

Melania Trump, being Melania Trump didn't get frazzled, mad, or even a tad bit upset. Instead, she tweeted that she hopes no one else gets hurt in the protests.

Melania was able to get out later in the day where she met her husband during the last few minutes of his meeting with Putin. She was introduced to the controversial Russian leader and many of the news media noted how her 5-foot-11-inch frame towered over the 5-foot-6 inch Vladimir Putin.