Some people still send and receive traditional Christmas cards even though the younger generation relies on sending and receiving their holiday greetings through social media. Almost everyone who has a social media account will receive holiday wishes through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other feeds. While this is quite convenient for the sender, it lacks the personal touch that the traditional card has when it is delivered.

Traditional cards still in style

It is true that fewer people send Christmas cards now. The United States Postal Service is still busy during the holidays, but there is a big difference from years past.

For instance, only 154.3 billion pieces of mail were sent in 2016. That was down from the average of 212.2 billion pieces sent in previous years. Social media is definitely one of the main reasons traditional cards have dwindled.

According to the National Greeting Card Association, about 1.6 billion holiday cards are being sold. The number is down from past years when the average was 2.7 billion. Even though the sale of cards and stamps is down, there are some that still buy postage and mail cards to their friends and neighbors.

Why traditional cards are still popular

Kyra Blaksley said opening her social media accounts to get a card is not the same as receiving one in the mail. She can touch the card that comes in the mail and can see the personalized signature that makes the card extra special.

She can display the cards where they will serve as decoration. Also, the cards can be seen in the house during the entire holiday. One woman said her parents used to attach cards to a door or hang them in an entryway, and she follows that tradition. Another person said her family used twine to string them across the room.

After a survey was conducted, some people voiced their opinions and said that traditional cards are more personal.

Besides, it shows that the sender took time to select an appropriate card instead of merely clicking a button to send the same greeting to a group of people.

One person indicated that she can't hold a social media post in her hands like she can hold a traditional card and see the handwritten signature and sometimes a personal note.

Some people send pictures along with their cards. This happens mostly with parents who send photos of their young children to relatives who live far away.

Some older people look forward to sending Christmas cards every year. They start right after Thanksgiving and mail up to 200 cards. They say they enjoy sending store-bought cards with different holiday scenes.

Do you still send Christmas cards through the mail?