Stormy the cow has been starring in a Nativity Scene at the Old First Reformed United Church of Christ for around a week. On Thursday morning, Stormy decided enough was enough and she made a daring escape. Philadelphia Police managed to corral the errant bovine, only to see her escape once again. According to a report by CBS News, police have finally taken the cow into custody after catching her in a parking garage in Philadelphia’s Old City section. Now it remains to be seen whether she will hang around at the church for Christmas.

Stormy the cow escapes the nativity scene

When Stormy the cow first escaped from the live nativity scene, she was found in the southbound lanes on I-95 at around 2 a.m. ET. After officers managed to capture the bovine she was returned to the nativity scene, only to escape once again. At least the Philadelphia Police managed to keep their sense of humor.

The cow originally hails from Manatawna Farms in Roxborough but has been posing in the live nativity scene for around a week.

According to Rev. Michael Caine (no relation to the British actor), they are reviewing their surveillance footage in an effort to find out how Stormy managed to escape the gated and locked area. Rev. Caine said they believe someone must have opened the locked area, but they have no idea why.

Cow makes second daring escape

After she was first caught and returned to the nativity scene, Stormy managed to push the fence and escape for the second time and started moving around the Philadelphia streets.

According to Rev. Caine, Stormy went wherever she wanted to at that stage. She was spotted heading down the street toward Market Street. As reported by the Sacramento Bee, police officers eventually corralled the wily cow in an enclosed parking garage and eventually returned her to the nativity scene.

According to Scott Moser, an agriculture mechanic at a local high school who works with livestock, the place where she was being kept was well-suited to the cow’s needs.

Moser said Stormy was very comfortable and content in the nativity scene and that she had water and all the hay she could eat, so it wasn’t as if Stormy was facing ill-treatment.

They don't teach you how to lasso cows in seminary

Rev. Caine said being a pastor can be a hard job, but he’s never had an experience quite like this before and certainly wasn’t trained to lasso cattle while in seminary. He stressed that he is more of a city boy than a farmer. He went on to praise the actions of the police officers involved in Stormy’s capture.

Fortunately no injuries were suffered by Stormy the cow or any humans involved in her capture and there was no damage to property along the way.

Now it’s up to church leaders to decide what to do – whether to send Stormy back to the farm or try and continue with her in the nativity scene. For now, all is peaceful and calm at the Old First Reformed United Church of Christ in Philadelphia.

Watch the fun of the second capture in the video below: