Princess Michael of Kent is causing quite a stir because of the jewelry piece she was wearing when she met Meghan Markle. On Wednesday Queen Elizabeth hosted a Christmas luncheon where her future granddaughter in law was introduced to members of the royal family. Among those who were in attendance was Princess Michael who was wearing a brooch of an African female dressed in servants attire. She may have believed she was celebrating the heritage of the woman who will marry Prince Harry, but some say based on past comments that choosing this particular item may have been a racist move.

History of Blackmoor jewelry

The brooch depicts the head and chest of a black woman whose headdress and attire are reminiscent of slavery. This brand of jewelry is called Blackmoor and depicts those of African descent in subservent roles. This jewelry is the artistic expression of Europeans' first encounters with dark complexioned Muslims from North Africa, known as the Moors. Princess Michael wearing this article of jewelry to meet Prince Harry's biracial fiancee is considered by some to be offensive and caused some to look twice at what was on her left shoulder.

To be fair, Princess Michael may simply have thought she was celebrating the fact that Meghan Markle is half black. She may have simply been trying to relate. On the other hand, the gesture could also be considered an insult, sending a veiled message to the would-be bride that Markle may be marrying into the royal family but would never truly be seen as anything but beneath royalty — a lowly servant, if you will.

Princess Michael's racist comments

In 2004, Princess Michael is said to have exhibited racism in public when she was in New York. She was dining in a restaurant and annoyed because the black patrons at a table behind her were rather loud. She reportedly turned around and told them to go back to the colonies, but insisted her comment was not racist.

The daughter of a German baron is now under scrutiny because of the jewelry piece she wore to meet Prince Harry's fiance.

It is not known whether Megan Markle saw the brooch or if she was offended by it. What is a fact is that according to the British press, Princess Michael has made several inappropriate comments about the fact that Markle is biracial. Markle is the first woman who is known to have one parent who is black, to marry into the royal family. This is something that will be discussed at least for a while, and Princess Michael will not be the last person whose comments or actions regarding Markle cause a double-take by making people look twice.