You know how people say that the picture is worth a thousand words? Well, if that's true, then for these pictures you'll need twice as many words to describe what's going on, but you'll still be amazed. That's why you need to take a look (or two) at my list of 30 perfectly timed photos that will make you Look Twice.

1. You might think this is a proof aliens live among us, but it's actually just the reflection of the lamp

2. With every second I spend staring at this photo, I am getting more confused

3. Perspective, it is always about perspective

4. I see what you did there pal, it's a perfect illusion and a pretty funny one

5. This girl must have had some invisible blanket wrapped around her legs, that's the only explanation

6. This dog is definitely thinking about how was his day at work

7. Believe it or not, this picture is actually showing us how the water in Sweden is crystal clear

8. I don't know about you, but to me, this looks like a meeting of mini-brontosauruses

9. This is what I like to call a perfect timing, it looks as though the sun is giving this man a pretty relaxing massage

10. No, it's not some strange being from one of H. P. Lovecraft's horror stories, it's just a perfect moment captured on camera

11. I don't know who is hugging whom, but it looks kind of creepy

12. How did she manage to just go through him like this

13. So that's where all baby horses are coming from

14. No, it's not a wavy ocean, it's actually a plastic bag

15. This guy has quite a reach

16. This is a strange looking cat

17. This is what happens when you've got a big cat at home, she sleeps in the most unusual places

18. No this is not Cerberus, but two very cute dogs who shared a perfect moment

19. The illusion on the beach

20. Just a student taking a nap during class, the usual college story that sometimes creates a perfect illusion

21. You have to keep looking to get a good grasp of what exactly is going on in this photo

22. This looks like a perfect glove, oh wait, is that a giant snail?

23. This window definitely looks like a picture

24. It might look like this building is on fire, but this is actually just the reflection of the sunset

25. If you think this is just a leaf, look again

26. This is a strange looking reflection

27. This is definitely one of the weirdest photos I have ever seen

28. Go home wall, you are drunk

29. Is it a bear, or a wolf, either way, it's beautiful

30. In case you missed it, this is actually the photo of the thousand crows sitting on beautiful snowy trees