Everyone has done it, something that made your meal a Disaster. Like dropping the eggs on the floor when you go to flip them. Or maybe you forgot to set the kitchen timer and burned the cookies.

Everyday cooking problems are bad enough but when you are making a special meal, the potential for errors grows. It is especially stressful when you are cooking during the holiday season. You want everything to go perfectly, but let's face it, disasters will happen.

Even epic cooks can mess up

My mother's favorite thing was to use the oven for additional pot storage and forget to empty it when she preheated so we had an extensive collection of pots with melted handles.

My mother-in-law isn't used to cooking with a gas stove so we are constantly throwing out melted plastic objects she has placed on the stove too close to the open flame.

Whatever you have done in the past will surely pale in comparison to the utter disasters which some brave soles have posted online about their holiday dinners.

Many people have posted spills because of loose caps or caps falling off completely but most can't boast the level of disaster this poor person achieved. These peppers are now preserved for all time:

What about those times you forgot to set the kitchen timer or couldn't get back in time.

Every cook has burnt their food at one time or another. Some, however, did manage to take it to a new level.

The Burnt Food Museum preserves and displays for all to see, the culinary disasters which their contributors have achieved. It takes a special kind of forgetful to do this to a poor innocent potato:

Turkey can be tricky to cook at the best of times but there really is no excuse for what this person did to a perfectly good roast.

Perhaps this person is a vegan and didn't know it. That may be why they able to forget about their roast for so long that it was cremated:

Sometimes a kitchen fail is still entirely edible. Just not as aesthetically pleasing as you were hoping it would be. Take this attempt at the cute little Strawberry Santas. They are adorable, when you get them right (like in the upper image).

However, this person wasn't quite as adept at creating them and so the results are just a little sad:

A fun addition to a holiday table is a Gingerbread House to use as the centerpiece. You can get the kits or make them yourself from scratch. If you get it right the results can be charming. But the key ingredient is the icing. You have to get the consistency just right or it won't bond the pieces together. Even with the right icing/glue, if you don't brace it properly during the drying process, the house will collapse.

Lots can go wrong and has. These young ladies tried, but somehow things went very wrong. I think it might have started when they tried to repair a broken wall with tape:

Don't despair

So when you are feeling a little stressed because you burnt the toast or the pasta is a little bit more done than al dente, remember these epic kitchen disasters and feel better about your meal.