Police in Bangor, Maine made a Facebook post about a man who posed as Santa Claus at a local department store. The man was allegedly handing out candy canes to passing children, but also made a naughty remark to a customer, causing her to complain to management. Police also told the tale of a woman who called out police over the curious case of a roll of falling duct tape.

Santa hands a child a candy cane

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, the Santa Claus impersonator handed a candy cane to a woman’s daughter while they were visiting the Bangor department store.

All well and good, as it is the season for giving. However, the woman bumped into Santa again in the store a little later. This time Santa approached her, telling her that good girls get candy, but naughty girls get jewelry. The woman took offense at his suggestive remark and approached store management to make a complaint, only to find the store had not hired a Santa Claus to work there this Christmas.

Lt. Tim Cotton of the Bangor Police took to their Facebook page to report the incident, saying Santa’s magic powers didn’t just get him down the chimney in a hurry, but also enabled him to slip through the ladies’ apparel department and into small appliances just as fast as “prune-filled cookies” pass through a flying reindeer.

Bangor police tell Santa to put himself on the naughty list

Cotton continued by saying they currently have no suspects or leads in the infamous case and that they realize that stopping and questioning each Santa might look like ageism, profiling or even “Grinch-like behavior.”

While they had no idea who the man was, the intrepid police officer then went on to address the Santa impersonator saying if he was the one who said “off-color” things to women in department stores, he should do the right thing.

He must put himself on the naughty list and call in to speak to the Bangor Police.

Meanwhile, according to Twitter, there is another naughty Santa out there this Christmas season.

The curious case of the falling duct tape

This wasn’t the only unusual incident reported on Facebook by Cotton.

He also told the tale of a woman who called Bangor Police after she heard noises coming from her basement. She told them her dog was also “barking aggressively” at hearing the noise. She believed there might be an intruder in her home and this was why she contacted the police.

In the Facebook post, Cotton mentioned that the thumping sound coming from the basement, was, in fact, a roll of duct tape that had somehow fallen from a shelf and made its way down the stairs to the basement. The officer that arrived at the woman’s home told her he initially wished she had waited for him to get there before opening the door. However, Cotton added that the officer then thought about it, and realized she was from Maine, owned a dog and also had a roll of duct tape, adding that the woman could probably have held her own quite fine until the police arrived.

As reported by WMTW, the Facebook page belonging to the Bangor Police is among the most popular of departmental pages and has more than 230,000 followers. They certainly have a Sense Of Humor. The rather long Facebook post, which also contains other fun quips, is included for browsing below.