Let's face it, even if you are the kind of person who absolutely lives for the holidays, you will get the holiday blues from time to time as long as you are over the age of, say, eight. That will probably be because you are missing someone that you have lost for one reason or another. Maybe you broke up with your true love and miss them more during the holidays, maybe you've moved to a new town and miss your friends, or maybe just you can't be with your family for one reason or another.

Whatever your reason for feeling sad over the holidays, you don't have to let the season go down the drain.

There are some pick-me-ups you can use that you don't necessarily pour into the eggnog.

Chase away holiday blues by setting the mood

Even if you don't feel like it this year – deck those halls! Get out the Christmas tree and your favorite ornaments and turn your place into a Christmas miracle. Looking at a drab, ho-hum environment will only cause you to sink deeper into your funk. But putting up fun, colorful decorations should help lift your spirits. If you just can't bear to look at the ornaments you and your ex picked out last year, the holidays are a Great way to do a symbolic purge. Donate the tainted decorations, and go out and purchase some fun, new, funky ones. Who knows? The shopping trip itself may spark a little joy.

Music is another great way to rev up the spirit of the season. Put on some lively holiday tunes to help with the decorating, and have some hot cocoa while you're at it. You will certainly have more fun by putting in the effort than you will by "grinching it up."

Spend time with your other peeps

Nothing chases away the holiday blues like being in good company.

Even if you are sad, it is still a good idea to take the time to be with the people who are available to you this season. A trip to enjoy a holiday parade or a hayride could brighten your mood. Even sipping some mulled wine around a fire, with or without friends, can bring warm cheer to your heart. There is no shame in enjoying some moments of holiday solitude and maybe even reflecting on good times past.

Do something nice for someone

Focusing bringing holiday cheer to other people is a proven way to get yourself out of your own head and the problems waiting to ambush you there. If serving at the local soup kitchen isn't your thing, you could go on a shopping trip and buy some supplies to donate at your local animal shelter, or even bake some cookies for a friend who is also feeling down. No matter what you choose to do, however, remember the goal is to feel better, not to make it all magically go away. Just a little mood boost may be all you need to take your holiday from no-no-no to ho-ho-ho!