Move over, rainbow bagels, cronuts, and ketchup cake, we have a new sweet treat to obsess over! NYC has now given us a shop where you can buy ready-to-eat (and salmonella free!) Cookie Dough! You can literally get a scoop of some and eat it without anyone judging you for the guilty pleasure we all indulge in anyway!

So...what is it?

DO, Cookie Dough Confections is the store in Greenwich village that has 16 mouth-watering flavors. You might think original cookie dough is the best thing ever but wait until you try flavors like Chocolate Dream or Red Velvet!

You can even get it in a sundae, ice cream sandwich, or milkshake. Gluten-free options are available too!

If for whatever reason you don't feel like eating some raw dough, the shop also sells actually baked goods like cookies and breakfast bars. They also provide you with instructions to make your own cookies with the dough if you can resist not eating it!

How it all started

Kristin got the idea after a girls’ weekend in Philadelphia. She and her friends went into a bake shop but it didn't satisfy Kristin's sweet tooth because she wanted raw cookie dough! The idea to start a shop that could give people what they crave entered her mind that weekend and she ended up making her dream a reality! Visit this store and you can enjoy a scoop (or 3!) of flavorful dough that will definitely look great on your Instagram page.

It is insanely popular

You will, though, need to brace yourself for waiting in line for at least an hour. When I say people are obsessed, I mean everyone won't mind standing in the freezing cold or even rain to get their hands on some cookie dough. If waiting in line isn't your thing, or if you don't live in New York, you can always order their goods online.

Although, not at the moment, as their website says they had to temporarily put their online store on hold since they are overwhelmed with the many orders.

While DO is currently the only store focusing mainly on edible cookie dough, there are companies that make edible dough, like Edoughble. Or, you know, you can just make some at home and hope you don't get salmonella or cookie dough infections.