Christmas is here! It's time to turn up the tunes and pour a nice glass of Eggnog. Cue the inevitable "yums!" and "EWWs!"

Eggnog is the most controversial part of Christmas, outside of the political arguments that divide families over a holiday meal every year. Some believe it's the nectar of the gods, while others think it was the one thing God forgot about. Evaluating the good and bad is tricky since views are almost as polarizing as those in the nation's capital. Nevertheless, it's worth a shot (of something other than eggnog, perhaps).

The nice list

There are eggnogs out there that can pass muster. Some versions have been described as alcohol-infused versions of ice cream - and who doesn't like ice cream? The ideal version of the drink has a dessert quality to it, rather than a weird soup quality to it. Advanced versions of the Christmas beverage even have a level of spice to it that can make the holiday flow off the tongue.

It's also nice because there can - should, arguably - be alcohol thrown in, such as brandy or rum, though it's not a requirement. At the end of the day, people can all use a little buzz for when the holiday cheer becomes the post-Christmas melancholy. The right brand simply needs to be found. The folks at Huffington Post did a taste test and determined that the best store brand is the Lactaid Eggnog - mix that with some spirits and you have yourself a drink.

The naughty list

A lot of people just think eggnog tastes gross. You know, garbage gross. The kind of thing only Sesame Street characters would taste, depending on the day's puppet tastebuds.

The thickness of it has many people on edge. Some believe it tastes like batter (and not the good kind) or worse: mayo.

Nobody in their right mind would down a jar of mayonnaise without being on the precipice of a major breakdown. Why would they do the same with eggnog, whose name is just as appealing as its taste?

There are just better options out there for Christmas. Any ordinary drink can be made into a holiday beverage with the right mix of spices, from peppermint to cinnamon and everything in between.

There are also themed drinks that already exist, from various craft beers to a Mountain Dew limited edition flavor. Then why eggnog?

Overall, eggnog would have to be placed on the naughty list. If Santa thinks the worst of you on Christmas, you'll have a carton of eggnog in your chimney stocking. If you were nice, a candy cane Christmas should be coming your way.