Older generations had a saying of "There is no fool like an old fool," and America is seeing this play out in the case of Roy Moore of Alabama. On Tuesday (Dec. 12) he lost his bid for the US Senate when the election went to Democrat Doug Jones. The staunch Republican has refused to concede and will not congratulate his former opponent. Even though the margin regarding the number of votes is above what would constitute a recount and even though Donald Trump says it is Time To Move on, the judge says he will not give in. Most everyone is telling him "Surrender Dorothy" but the stubborn conservative is continuing to stand his ground.

A report by Yahoo! presented most of the facts used in this article.

Roy Moore is obviously modeling himself after Donald Trump

During the 2016 presidential campaign, a number of women accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment. Number 45 was even caught on an "Access Hollywood" tape admitting he is a predator when it comes to women. In spite of this, he continued his campaign and won the election. It is obvious that Roy Moore is modeling himself after The Donald because he continued his campaign as well and often used Trump's favorite phrase "Fake News." The judge obviously had no idea that it was possible to be defeated and now he is probably in shock.

Roy Moore's stubbornness, along with the assertion that God is going to give him some type of favor is ludicrous and a mockery of true Christianity.

Many Americans, including conservatives, just want the judge to accept defeat and go away quietly. Rather than show himself to be a gracious loser, his actions have people using the famous phrase from "The Wizard of Oz," which is "Surrender Dorothy."

The judge needs to concede

The fact that he will not concede, even in the midst of accusations of being a child molester, just shows the contempt the judge has for the American people.

Moore lost by about 20,000 votes and Secretary of State John Merril has stated on record that he does not believe a recount will change the election results. Merril added that his office has investigated reports of voting irregularities, but none have been found.

Donald Trump, who supported Moore, quickly changed his tune after the election by congratulating Doug Jones and acknowledging that the judge needs to concede and move on.

So far he has not heeded wise council so the cries from the American people of "Surrender Dorothy" will continue. Should a recount ensue, and prove without a doubt that Jones is the winner, the judge will have no choice but to do the walk of shame.