Sending Christmas cards may be the best way to show your family some love during the holidays, but for some people, this is also the perfect opportunity to get really creative. What follows is a list of 20 absolutely hilarious Christmas cards that people actually sent to their families.

1. One happy family

Just because you are spending Christmas alone doesn't mean that you can't get creative and show off your Photoshop skills.

2. Merry Christmas from Sarah and Pizza

A single woman's guide to spending a perfect Christmas.

Because when you have pizza, you have everything.

3. The weirdest face swap ever

This is what happens when you put your Photoshop skills to some good use. A perfect Christmas card from one happy family.

4. Don't let them ruin your happiness

When you break up with your not-so-special someone just after Christmas cards are printed, don't worry! Be happy! You just put a big sticker all over their face and hope for the best!

5. Is it Christmas already, or is it Halloween?

Not the best time of the year to get a little psychotic.

But I guess the holidays tend to make some people crazy.

6. What is Christmas without 'Home Alone?'

I think we all know where this is coming from. They are so adorable.

7. What happened here?

This guy's family will probably be just as confused as you are.

8. Merry Christmas from just me

When you are single, this is how you handle Christmas.

9. Evoking Christmas spirit

This is actually more accurate than you might think if you have in mind that many cats believe they are of a godly nature.

10. This was one hell of a party

I don't know if there is a better way to show your parents how you spent your first Christmas after you moved out. A picture is worth a thousand words.

11. This is a bit too much, don't you think?

This picture made me uncomfortable. Definitely not the best way to show off your Christmas spirit.

12. Christmas is coming

They went full "Game of Thrones" this Christmas.

13. Santa isn't the only one who knows when you are sleeping

This is one Christmas card nobody wants to see.

14. This was supposed to be a perfect Christmas photo

When children are not all that comfortable around Santa;

15. A sibling rivalry

This is what jealousy looks like. But the Christmas card is quite original, I must admit.

16. When a Christmas card captures a perfect moment

When your cat is not as cooperative as you think.

17. One happy family

Just a typical day in the kitchen.

18. This is what the perfect optical illusion looks like

Does anyone know what happened here?

I am confused.

19. Definitely not one of the best face swaps out there

Merry Christmas everyone.

20. Last but not least

Next year make sure she gets what she wants.