Houseplants are not only a nice looking accessory to add to your living quarters because studies indicate that they offer many health benefits. Your mind and body will thrive by keeping your house green. Plants inside your home have been proven to increase your mental and physical health. If you already are making use of them be sure to care for them properly. You can also increase the benefits by plants in every room where you live, and also at your office. These living organisms have been shown to interact with our minds and bodies in ways that will have a positive impact and enhance overall health.

Breath easy with plants inside your home

Humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Plant life does the opposite as, during photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. This exchange makes humans and plants extremely beneficial for each other. The first way that having plants inside the home improves your health is to purify the air and help you breathe easier. This may also help you to sleep better, so make sure to have some plants in your bedroom.

A second benefit is that Houseplants also remove toxins from the air. According to research from NASA, up to 87 percent of chemicals found in vinyl, grocery bags, cigarette smoke, ink, paint, solvents, and man-made fibers can be removed from your home because of plants.

NASA says that airtight buildings don't give toxins anywhere to go, but plants draw them out of the air and into their soil.

Improve your health and decrease respiratory woes with houseplants

The third way plants inside your house improve your health is by releasing moisture vapor into the air and improving the humidity.

For an added bonus, place several houseplants near each other. This will increase the humidity and also decrease your chances of respiratory ailments. Plants release about 97 percent of the water they take in back into the atmosphere. According to studies done at the Agriculture University of Norway, having plants in interior spaces will decrease the chances of cold, dry cough, dry skin, and sore throat.

The fourth way houseplants can be beneficial is regarding your overall health. Research from Kansa City University indicates that hospital patients who have plants in their rooms recover from surgery much quicker. The Dutch Product Board of Horticulture found that placing plants in your office will cut down on colds, flu, headache fatigue, sore throat, and coughing. The fifth way plants inside your house are beneficial is by sharpening your focus. Research from The Royal College of Agriculture Cirencester England found that students had better attention spans when the classrooms had plants in them.