It has been a while since Fama Espresso Sales & Repair suffered a fire and shut their doors. The blaze happened on October 9 in Hell’s Kitchen and was reportedly started by a faulty electrical cord. However, those coffee lovers who had left their espresso makers at the shop for repairs are still awaiting the return of their not exactly cheap espresso makers. For those who enjoy a good cup of coffee, it is hard to imagine the wait.

Business owner hospitalized after fire

The owner of the business is one Ugo Quazzo, who, at 96 years of age, was hospitalized after the fire due to smoke inhalation.

The New York Post reports that Quazzo had been living and working in the building at 450 West 44th Street since around the 1920s and has been selling and servicing espresso machines there for decades.

Time keeps passing by and the building is all boarded up. Anyone trying to phone the business finds a full answering machine. Checking the business’ Facebook page doesn’t help, as it hasn’t been updated for some time. Now all those owners are hitting social media, trying to find out if their treasured espresso machines survived the experience. The Post reckons some of the coffee machines retail for up to $4,500 a pop.

Mixed reviews and customers wanting their espresso machines

The company has mixed reviews on Yelp, with some people having nothing but praise for the service they received and others complaining about their service.

However, the latest question on their page is asking where the company went. On top of this, when viewing the negative reviews, one Yelp user by the name of John L. from New York recently posted on the Yelp page, noting that the company’s phones have been disconnected and saying they have his espresso machine. He asked if anyone could help.

Bruce J. of Seattle, WA has a similar problem. He said he has been trying to contact Fama for two weeks, but no one has replied. His wife recently walked past the store and found the door locked. He is also wondering how he can recover his beloved espresso machine. Julietta L. said outright that Fama “s*cks,” adding that the business has had her machine for two months and they can’t get an answer out of them.

Customers may have cappuccinos in their future

While all these precious espresso machines continue to be held “hostage,” the Post finally got hold of a woman by the name of Maria on a 1-800 number and was told the machines are “safe” and that the business will soon be returning them to their understandably impatient customers.