A Wisconsin mother became furious when a salon refused to cut her son's hair. Katlyn Oelke had made an appointment for Matthew to get a haircut, but she received an email from the owner of "A Hair For Kids Salon" in New Berlin saying the appointment was canceled because her son was not a good fit.

Reason salon gave

According to the email, the salon's owner explained that the hair stylists are not comfortable giving service to Matthew. The owner told reporters that it was not because Matthew has Down syndrome but because of how he reacts when he gets a haircut.

The stylist on duty at that time did not know how she would be able to handle cutting Matthew's hair while he is twisting and turning and attempting to fight her.

Stylist Justine Rossey had cut Matthew's hair in the past, but she was not on duty the day Matthew was scheduled to get his Hair Cut. Therefore, he was assigned to another stylist who wasn't comfortable cutting Matthew's hair. Rossey defended the salon by saying the stylist didn't want anyone to get hurt. She offered to cut Matthew's hair again if he comes into the salon when she is on duty.

Mother's response

The email was very hurtful to Kaitlyn. She became furious and posted her concerns on Facebook. People were quick to accuse the salon of Discrimination against the boy with special needs.

The furious mother did admit that Matthew can be very difficult especially when he is afraid. She knows about her son's behavior, but she posted negative comments about the salon.

Because of the mother's post on social media, others were quick to give the salon bad reviews even after the owner posted her explanation. After this was played out on social media, Rossey got in touch with the mother and advised her to make an appointment when she is on duty.

Kaitlyn said she would do that, but in the meantime, she wants an apology from the owner.

What do you think?

The saying, "All's well that ends well" might be appropriate in this case, but many people think the situation could have been handled in a different manner. Kaitlyn and others thought the owner was discriminating against Matthew when she said the boy was not a good fit.

Instead, the owner was considering the safety of the child and the stylist assigned to cut his hair.

Since Justine had cut Matthew's hair before, he should have been assigned to her when she was on duty. From now on, it would be a good idea for the mother to ask for her by name when making the next appointment. What do you think?