When a fire breaks out in a house and a human life is in danger, one would expect that the body would be paralyzed by fear and thoughts would blur. It is quite possible in these circumstances that you could be trying to take serious decisions about how to save your own life from the flames then possibly forget who, or what, you leave behind. But this did not happen in the case of 12-year-old Alixon Lopen Martinez, who defeated her fear and preferred to put her own life at risk to save her mother, her grandmother, her eight-year-old sister, and a one-week-old baby as well.

The history

A few days ago, and while the investigators still haven't determined the cause, a fire burnt out a house in the Capital Mobile Park, just off Washington Boulevard in Elkridge. While the father of the family was at work, inside the burning house, a young woman with her three children and her elderly mother were sleeping. Suddenly, the noise of the fire alarm made 12-year-old Alixon Lopen Martinez get off her bed and, without a second thought, go to her parent's room to wake the others up and help them exit out of the back door.

12-year-old Alixon Lopen Martinez ran to help

12-year-old Alixon Lopen Martinez ran to her mom's room where she slept with the baby and her little sister. ABC reported that she said, "I helped them exit out of the back door." Even though she was in shock when she saw the fire, she thanked God because she was woken by the alarm and was able to save her family.

The happy ending

When Alixon Lopen Martinez ensured that her family was out of danger, she ran back into the home to retrieve her cell phone and called 911. Although the house was completely destroyed, thanks to the generous act of a 12-year-old girl, the family is safe and continues to look forward to a great future together.

Her father is back at work, her mother is back at her duties. Alison is back at school.

This 12-year-old generous girl won the admiration of all. Her heroic act didn't go unnoticed by the neighbors that had gathered outside the burning house. It did not go unnoticed by the community who have extended a helping hand to the unfortunate family.

Battalion Chief Sean Alliger (of Howard County Fire and Rescue Services) said that Alixon Lopen Martinez' act was really heartwarming, especially for her young age. He was amazed that this 12-year-old girl would have the "fortitude" to recognize that she was the only one who could deliver her family from the flames.