Apart from the love and hard work, apart from imagination, you will need another ingredient to "cook" a beautiful story. This ingredient is nothing but research! Did you do research before writing your two previous short stories? If not, it's time to do it!

Is the short story or the novel harder to write?

For many writers, almost for all writers, to be precise, a short story and the fairytale, are the most difficult writing genes. This is because it is much harder for many people to express themselves through just a few words.

By writing good short stories, you can write even better novels

Novels consist of many chapters. Each chapter is, in fact, a short story. So, when you learn to create interesting short stories, with an interesting plot, it is clearly easier to write an even better novel in the future.

Defining a writer

Regardless of what one has written, regardless of the number of the literary texts that have they completed and how many of them have been published, the writer is the one who, professionally or not, writes. From the time that you put your first word on your paper and then write the end, you are called "a writer." And this is a title that you are worthy of and that no one can deprive you of.

Exercise third

Once you have written your own myth and created your interesting story just looking at a picture, it's time to travel around the world! Yes, you read correctly! It's time to travel with your imagination! Where will you travel? Each of you can choose to go to a different place. How will you travel there? It's very simple, by following these steps:

  1. Layout a world map in front of you (alternatively, use a printed photo of the world map or a globe instead)
  2. close your eyes (I am watching you)
  3. place your pointer at a random point
  4. open your eyes
  5. use the appropriate means of transport
  6. and travel
  7. when you reach your destination, write a story that is taking place, or took place in the past in this area!

Don't forget to spend some time making the necessary preparation.

You need to do research on:

  • the habits of the inhabitants
  • their customs
  • their language
  • their children's names
  • their fears and their prejudices
  • the weather conditions
  • the soil morphology, etc.

Each of your literary texts must be carefully written, both in terms of the grammar and in the accuracy of your writing.

Stay tuned for my next article, which will have more writing advice and a new creative writing exercise.

Good luck to all of you!