New York City residents Chris, 38, and Matthew Brandt, 28, are happily married, after being together for eight years. However in 2015, Chris met 28-year-old Cait Earnest via a dating app and invited her to join his existing Relationship with Matthew. Fast forward two years, and the “throuple” is seriously thinking of adopting kids, although for now they are happy with their two dogs.

Two’s company, but three is not always a crowd

Chris, Matthew and Cait live in a one-bedroom apartment in New York with their two dogs and while the saying goes that “two’s company, three is a crowd,” this doesn’t apply to the happy “throuple.” Reportedly the only thing that causes any conflict between the three is about who gets to sleep where in the bed.

Chris said the bed situation does complicate their relationship from time to time, as he and Matthew used to sleep on opposite sides of the bed. With Cait added to the mix, this is no longer possible, as it would mean she would be stuck in the middle, which she apparently doesn’t enjoy.

There was also a touch of jealousy when the unconventional relationship first began, with Matthew and Cait finding it hard at first, both wanting Chris’ attention.

However, things are working out well and jealousy is no longer a problem. Matthew said at first he felt insecure, believing Chris loved him more because they had been together longer. However after Chris told him he loves him and Cait the same way, he managed to come to terms with the whole "throuple" situation.

Both Chris and Cait admit to being bisexual, while Matthew is now reportedly "homoflexible," which means while he prefers men, he is now also open to women.

As for their sex life, Earnest said she had never previously slept with two people at once, and while it is “different strokes for different folks,” she does admit their sex life is “pretty fun.” She also said she has no problem telling people about her unusual relationship. Cait said when they meet someone new in a bar, she usually introduces herself as Cait, and says “these are my two boyfriends,” adding that people often think she is joking.

As for her family, she said even her grandfather has accepted her relationship status and keeps asking her when she is going to get pregnant.

As reported by the NZ Herald, there have been tentative talks of the "throuple" adopting a child or two. Matthew said he thinks any child would be very lucky to have not two, but three parents. However he did add they have two dogs, and that is enough for now.

Being a ‘throuple’ means more gifts during the holidays

Meanwhile, especially with the holidays coming up, this New Yorkthrouple” say they are happy to not only to always have attention from a loved one, but also to enjoy getting lots of gifts. The New York Post quotes Matthew as saying this is one of the greatest things in being a “throuple” – birthdays and holidays you always get more gifts and more to celebrate.