The choice of buying a Purebred Dog or adopting one from a shelter seems like no choice at all. And, after seeing these 20 before and after adoption photos, you too will have no doubt about what your decision should be.

But if you are still having second thoughts, just take a look at the statistics. According to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 670,000 dogs are euthanized in the United States every year because they never find an owner. So, if you choose to adopt, not only will you have a loyal friend by your side, but you will be a true superhero in every sense of the word.

Now, take a look at these pictures and you'll see what real happiness looks like.

1. Jackson

This dog has a unique way of showing how happy he is.

2. One more happy dog

This picture speaks a million words:

3. Mischka

If you still think dogs can't laugh, look at Mischka, and you'll definitely change your mind.

4. Pig Pen

Now that's what we call a transformation. Pig Pen is now fully recovered.

5. Kelly

Kelly really likes her new home.

6. Leo

Yes, this is actually the same dog. Not only did he find a home, but he also learned how to pose for pictures.

7. Bug

Bug with his superhero.

8. Kasper

Kasper has always been a cutie, but you can't deny the spark in his eye in the picture on the right.

9. Hank

A lot has changed in the way Hank sees the world.

10. Jake

This is what happens when you show a dog some love.

11. Pablo

This is how happy every dog should be.

12. Piper

In the picture on the right, Piper could barely look at people, now she never leaves her owner.

13. Chex

This cutie was left behind when his previous owners moved. Now he is happy once again.

14. A very lucky dog

Just look at what a few months of love can do to a dog.

15. Scarlett

Even though she was behind bars, you can see the hope in Scarlett's eyes. Now, she looks like she is living the dream.

16. A happy dog

This cutie has replaced a shelter's cage with a brand new car seat. His reaction is priceless.

17. Holland

It's not like he wasn't adorable already in the first photo, but he looks way happier now that he has found a new home.

18. Edgar

Finding a new home meant finding a new friend who was also taken from the shelter. We don't know how the owners are, but they are the real-life superheroes.

19. Teddy

This beautiful dog is a mix of Australian shepherd and golden retriever.

Now, he lives the life he always deserved.

20. Spokey

Spokey finally has a reason to smile.