If you are thinking about becoming an Erotica author, you may be excited about sitting down and putting some words on the page. You're excited about telling a story and you are curious as to where this story could end up. However, you may find yourself struggling to make a great story out of just an idea when you first start out. This could be because you are missing one or more of the important elements that make positive erotica novel.

There are some important things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to our erotica fiction. It's not just about Sex Scenes after sex scenes in these novels.

If people wanted to solely get turned on, there are other ways of doing so. In addition, erotica literature is all about feeling comfortable. In other words, the stories are not about testing boundaries or shocking readers with all kinds of grotesque scenes. It truly comes down to telling a great story.

You need a good story

The first element of every erotica novel is a great story. Just like any other genre, a book needs to have a great plot, a challenging storyline, and an introduction to a climax and ending. That's not to say that the ending needs to be satisfying for the reader but has to be something that the reader can relate to. You don't want to just describe a sex scene and leave the story at that.

Compare that to the drama novel where something dramatic happens. The dramatic event doesn't mean anything unless there is an aftermath that plays out after this event.

Get to know your characters

It's important that you spend time developing your characters for your erotica novel. People who read erotica novels don't buy them for the intriguing intimate scenes alone.

They buy them because they want to get to know the characters, they want good stories, and they want to understand the motivation behind the characters' decisions.

If you look at the success of "50 Shades of Grey," you will understand. There are intense lovemaking scenes throughout the book but the story is also about the successful businessman Christian Grey, and the innocent girl, Anastasia Steele.

The two embark on a romantic love affair where they test each other's boundaries, but the story is about falling in love, jealousy, friendships, and finding that everlasting love – perhaps with some compromises.

Of course, there's plenty of intimacy

When you have your plot and your characters all figured out, it's time to figure out how to write about these intimate adventures. It's completely up to you how you approach this difficult task, and it may help to read some other erotic stories from other authors to see if this could truly be something that you would want to try out. It can be difficult to write the first couple of erotic scenes, especially if you don't have any experience putting these kinds of words down on paper. But remember, have fun with it, don't forget the characters, and make the story about so much more than just intimacy.

Which of these three elements are the most important in your erotica novels?