Cursive Writing might seem like a lost art. In fact, some children have never learned how to write in cursive, and adults have forgotten how to do so. In fact, a lot a people have gotten away from writing at all. That's because texting has made people too lazy to write. The only thing some people know how to write in cursive is their signature on a check that is required to be in cursive.

Required in public schools

It is now a law that cursive writing must be taught in Louisiana public and charter schools. Beginning with the upcoming school year that style of writing must be taught beginning with the third grade and continued all the way through the twelfth grade.

Actually, the law was approved by lawmakers in 2016. It was delayed one year so schools could prepare to add it to the curriculum.

With modern technology, some people think they don't need to write in cursive on paper because of they can type correspondences and other documents on their computers, iPADs, smartphones, and other electronics.

Reactions to the cursive mandate

President Teri Johnson of the Calcasieu Federation of Teachers said she is glad cursive writing is being put back into the curriculum. She added that all districts across the state moved away from teaching cursive for various reasons, but it will be put back in school curriculums with the upcoming school year. The Calcasieu Parish School Board says it already has been teaching cursive writing and will continue to do so.

The comments on social media show that some are in agreement for cursive writing to be taught, and some say it doesn't matter anymore. In fact, one people pointed out that their comments were not written in cursive. Another person's comment was very interesting when she said that teachers don't like teaching cursive writing because they themselves don't know how to write in cursive or how to write it well.

She argued that teachers didn't write in cursive on the chalkboard or when writing remarks on students' papers.

Michael Messinger, a Chicago blogger, responded first with two words, "Who cares?" Then he went on to give his explanation why people shouldn't care about cursive writing. He said writing in cursive was important a long time ago but not any longer.

He indicated that handwriting was necessary way back when documents had to be handwritten, but most documents and correspondences don't have to be handwritten today because there are modern ways of getting messages circulated. He concluded that the time has passed for that style of writing. The blogger cited that no one writes in hieroglyphics or Sanskrit anymore. So why should people still write in cursive?

It is a good thing the blogger isn't in a school in Louisiana because whether he likes it or not, he would be required to take a cursive writing course.