A conspiracy theorist on YouTube insists that there are ancient pyramids hidden under the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Florida. This persistent Youtuber, who goes by the screen name Secureteam10, spends much of his time making false claims of mysterious findings.

He once claimed that he had found the alien version of Stonehenge on Mars. The circular rock formations he was looking at turned out to be nothing more than natural terrain. Now, another conspiracy theorist and alien hunter has claimed that pyramids rest at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and Secureteam10 has his back completely.

Ancient aliens or mermaids?

It is unclear which ancient race of mysterious beings he believes built these pyramids. As an alien hunter, looking for signs of Underwater Pyramids might seem a bit out of his element. However, many conspiracy theorists speculate that the pyramids in Florida were built by an ancient race of aquatic people. Yes, they believe mermaids builds pyramids.

Many articles have circulated pointing out that there have been mysterious ancient underwater structures hiding near the Bahamas for over one thousand years. No actual evidence has ever been collected to prove any of these theories.

Secureteam10 released a video on Youtube explaining what he thought about these so-called ancient underwater pyramids.

He claimed that the formations seen on the Google Earth image looked like pyramids, because the lines were clear and easy to see. He also pointed to the fact that ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations inhabited the nearby islands.

Mayans vs Aztecs

His evidence is extremely flawed, as there is a significant difference between the Mayans and the Aztecs.

Mayans inhabited the Yucatán Peninsula in northern Central America and southern Mexico between 2600 BC and 900 AD. The Aztecs lived in central Mexico, between the 14th and 16th centuries. The two civilizations were separated by by hundreds of years and host two completely different cultures. It's doubtful that they built pyramids underwater, and they certainly were not mermaids.


In his video, Secureteam10 states that this is not the first time mysterious pyramid-like structures have been discovered in the ocean. He is correct about that. There have been other reports such as this one; however, they have all turned out to be nothing more than lucky, underwater sediment deposits.

He even questioned whether or not these pyramids could be the missing link to the lost of city of Atlantis. According to IFLScience, the formations seen in the Google Earth image are nothing more than deposits of sediment that just so happened to fall into this shape off the coast of Florida.