The world has been watching the celebrities fall in love, and get married, but some of those marriages hit the rocks hard. Most of these unions end in bitter divorces. It's almost certain that we cant live without celebrity Cheating scandals and the gritty details of how some were caught cheating can be hilarious. Here are celebrities who were found cheating on their spouses.

1. Kevin Hart with Monique

Kevin is super funny and makes people laugh with his crazy utterances. According to the Hollywood Life, the comedian is alleged to have cheated on his wife when she was six months pregnant with their first baby, with a Latin singer.

Photos of Kevin getting cozy with the singer, who is believed To Be Monique, surfaced on July 19. It's not yet confirmed if it the rumor was actually true. Kevin addressed the accusations while Eniko and Monique didn’t utter a word. The comedian laughed off the story and denied the allegations a day after the photos surfaced.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger with Mildred Baena

The actor and former governor of California and Maria Shriver got married over 25 years ago, and their marriage had one major scandal. According to Cheat Sheet, it was revealed that the Schwarzenegger sired a son with Mildred Baena who was their maid. Apparently, the boy looked so much like the actor that his wife became suspicious and she began asking Baena if she had something to say but Baena would say no.

One day, she confronted her and asked her point blank if Joseph was Schwarzenegger's son. Mildred broke into tears, dropped on her knees, admitted that it was indeed true and apologized. Maria and Arnold separated in 2011, but are still married.

3. Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie

According to the Talk, Pitt and Jolie starred in the blockbuster movie, “Mr.

and Mrs. Smith” and that’s where they fell in love. At that time, Pitt was the husband to Jennifer Aniston, and things were getting out of hand. Jolie and Pitt had denied that they were having an affair, but people didn’t buy that story. Pitt and Aniston separated a while later then Pitt got married to Jolie. But to everyone’s disbelief, the marriage wasn’t to last forever as the power couple separated recently following issues within their family.

Some might argue that what goes around comes around, and karma is a “bit*h.”

4. Jay-Z with Rachel Roy

This is one of the popular ones reported by the Hollywood Life. Even though cheating rumors have surrounded JAY and Beyonce since 2005, the most dramatic one was in 2016 after Bey dropped her sixth studio album,”Lemonade,” which was like a storybook about her marriage. The album featured lyrics about betrayal and infidelity and brought out a character named Becky with good hair. She was rumored to be Rachel Roy who was the couple’s former friend. In 2014, Bey’s sister Solange Knowles, attacked JAY in an elevator alleging that he was in an affair with Rachel. However, it has not been proven that Jay cheated.