Just like any other adult, Celebrities mingle with different people before finding their right matches. However, some realize they made wrong choices and ended up divorcing, at least most have. But many people thought that celebrities only marry other celebrities. It is common, yes, but some stars have broken that trend and Married people outside of the spotlight. So if you dream of dating a certain star, well, stand on the star’s way and you might get noticed. Marriages like these are an inspiration to many. Imagine a couple who fell in love because of their feelings and not their careers.

Here is a list of stars who are married to Ordinary People.

1. Matt Damon

According to the Junk Madness, the actor married Luciana Barroso in 2005 who used to work as a barmaid, where Matt passed by while shooting for a movie in Miami in 2003. He was quoted saying that he was lucky to fall in love with a civilian. He stated that his wife’s insignificance on the spotlight didn’t change his popularity, but it remained the same, just as he wanted it.

2. Julia Roberts

The actress had dated famous celebs like Liam Neeson, Matthew Perry, Dylan McDermott, and Kiefer Sutherland, according to the Joy Haker, before she met Daniel Moder, a cameraman, and worked with him for the movie “The Mexican.” Julia broke up with his previous partner while Daniel divorced his wife before they got into a relationship.

They exchanged vows in 2002, and they now have two children.

3. Jon Stewart

According to Vogue, just a month after he was fired from his MTV show, Stewart met Tracey McShane on a blind date at a Mexican restaurant in 1996. Back then, Tracey was a veterinary technician. Stewart proposed to Tracey through The New York Times in February 1999.

The couple was linked up by Tracey’s roommate who was working as a production assistant. She played the matchmaker when Stewart stopped by the set.

4. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick is a famous actor and racing car driver, and he is married to a hairdresser, Jillian Fink, according to the Junk Madness. The first time Jillian saw Patrick after he booked an appointment at her salon in 1994, she didn’t believe it was him.

In 1999, Dempsey divorced his first wife and married Fink. Back then Fink was an ordinary person, but now she has become a celebrity makeup artist, and she still does her husband’s hair.

5. Marcia Cross

The “Desperate Housewives” star is the one who made the first move on her now-husband, Tom Mahoney. Mahoney is a stockbroker, and he was spotted by Marcia at an L.A. flower shop in 2004, according to the Joy Haker. Marcia gave her number to the store owner so that it would be given to Tom and they got married in 2006. Cross said that beauty comes from being happy as well as the connection between you and people you love, and her husband’s love made her feel beautiful.