On April 26 Sledgehammer Games confirmed that they were renewing theCall of Duty franchise. The next installment will carry a special World War Ii’s zombie mode. The official trailer of the game has also been released. According to a report by Tech Radar, the next-installment is speculated to be an even bigger hit in comparison to its predecessor. Sledgehammer Games released the last version of “Call of Duty” in 2016 called, “Infinite Warfare.” The 2017 variant of “Call of Duty” will be made available starting November 3 this year. The game will be compatible with multiple gaming platforms including PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Recently, “Call of Duty” lead, Jon Horsley revealed more details about the upcoming game to PlayStation Blog. He said that the game will carry a lot more features than last time. There is a special four-play cooperative gunplay, which gamers can enjoy. The entire series will consist of Nazi zombies. Horsley further added that it is going to be the “scariest zombie game ever.”

More about Zombie mode

The game will begin in a small village in Bavaria. The series’ theme will mark the end of World War II. According to Horsley, a group called “Third Reich” consisting of dead zombies is what the gamers will have to fight off initially. As missions pass by and the players explore more of what the Bavarian village has to offer, more themes will emerge.

The gamers will be provided with a wide variety of tools and machines to fight off the enemies.

Open beta on PC

Sledgehammer Games has announced that they will be making an open beta for PC version available to users, before its ultimate November release. PC players will have access to it, starting September 29 and the beta will continue until October 2.

There is no reservation process as such. One does not need to pre-order and secure themselves a piece of the zombie game.

Return to its roots

The game developers have emphasized upon the fact that the next "Call of Duty" installment will take the players back to the roots of the series. They have made use of heavy World War 2 imagery.

Therefore, there is a very distinctive feeling that even the trailer reveals.

Red Daniels to play protagonist

Lastly, more information regarding the game’s protagonist has now been revealed. It will be an old soldier from Texas called Red Daniels. He will also be joined by many other characters, but the primary focus will be on Red Daniels.