In this day and age, it may be too burdensome to take a step back from our careers, responsibilities, and commitments. There may be times that we can't even spare an hour or two to relax and this is just sad.

As we reach the peak of our prime, we forget about our most essential duty: taking care of ourselves. It's true that we can barely breathe because of our daily tasks and busy schedules. However, we must Find ways how to regain our confidence in ourselves and just be comfortable with who we are.

What are the things that we need to do in order to start?

PopSugar talks about the 22 ways how to love ourselves. I'll be highlighting the 10 important activities that you can do now.

Stop overly criticizing yourself

We over-analyze everything. From our little flaws to our biggest faults, it's a sickness that needs to be cured. I personally went through something of the sort and it was not easy. I often had bouts of self-doubt.

What am I doing with my life? Why is it that I cannot achieve my dreams? How come it's so hard for my goals to materialize? Am I good enough? These were the questions that plagued my thoughts every day for the past two years.

There is no fixed solution for this. It took time but I finally got comfortable with who I am. To be honest, I feel lost all the time and I have no definite goal as of the moment.

Every day, I live just by simply trusting the unknown, trusting myself and trusting the fact that everything's going to be fine.

Learn just to be with yourself

Stop dating, if you can. Take time and be with yourself. It's a process and it's hard but if you want to get to know yourself more, it's the best way. Think about the things you've always wanted to do, set your own goals, and prioritize your needs.

Get rid of toxic friends

You do not need any negativity in your life. Be with positive people and limit encounters with your toxic friends. If it becomes unbearable, shut down all communications. You don't have to suffer at all. You always have a choice.

Limit your alcohol intake

You're not 21 anymore. Your body needs rest so try to stop your binge-drinking habits.

You probably need some time to unwind so just set your limit to just one drinking session a week with your friends or coworkers.

Pay attention to yourself

You're about to hit your mid-twenties and you still don't know about the importance of moisturizer and sunblock. It doesn't matter if you wear makeup or not. This is skin care and we have to focus on this one rather than looking good. Shop for yourself. Consider it as a reward for doing a great job in the middle of this chaotic world you're living in. You're going to be okay.