Currently, the music industry is a multi-million dollar empire. Though rap has always been associated with men, the Female Artists have come up and showed their dominance in the game. To be at the Top of your game is not an option in this genre. The competition is stiff, and musicians have to do their best to stay relevant. However, female rappers have to work harder than their male counterparts to get recognition. They may not earn as much as Diddy and Jay-Z, but these female rappers certainly have made some good money.

1. Nicki Minaj: $70 million.

Onika Tanya Maraj, famously known as Nicki Minaj, tops the list as the richest female rapper in the world. Nicki is worth between $70 and $75. This isn’t surprising considering that her name became global even before she released her first album. In her career, Nicki has released three albums that were well received by the fans. The first two ranked first on the Billboard chart while the third one came second on the charts. This rapper has a fast flow and an excellent rhyming accent that has kept her on top of competition for a long time. She has also appeared in some movies that added to her fortune.

2. Queen Latifah: $60 million.

Latifah is second richest female rapper with a net worth of $60 million.

Her real name is Dana Owen, and apart from being a rapper, she is a singer, actress, model, and television producer. She released her first album in 1989 that caught the attention of rap music lovers all over the world. In her career, she also collaborated with other musicians such as Will Smith. In her career, she has won many awards including a Golden Globe Award.

Half of her wealth is from acting as she has appeared in a large number of movies. With many different awards and endorsements, Latifah made enough money to become second richest female rapper in the world.

3. Missy Elliott: $50 million.

Missy is one of the most famous female hip-hop stars in the industry. Most of her fortune came from selling albums.

Missy has released five albums that are platinum certified and sold more than a million copies of each. For seven years, she ruled the rap industry, crowned five times as a Grammy Awards winner. This phenomenal success attracted many endorsements and film appearances that made her more money. It’s not easy for women to shine in a field dominated by men like rap. But these three have worked extremely hard to get their share of the pie. They act as symbols of success to other upcoming female rappers that have at one time been discouraged and felt like giving up.