Breakups are painful for the ones involved, especially if the love between them was deep. It's worse if they were married and are now getting divorced. After a split up, the children of the former couple might suffer the most. Celebrities also break up and divorce like ordinary people. In fact, their split up is quite dramatic with blogs and newspapers following up to expose their “untreasured moments.” Here are some of Hollywood’s breakups you have probably heard of.

1. Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen

According to Bravo TV, Elisabeth’s marriage to Fred lasted for only 11 months.

The two got married in October 2009 after they were linked up by “Mad Men” star John Hamm. On September the following year, Moss and Armisen began divorce proceedings. It is perhaps one of the shortest marriages in Hollywood’s history. Elisabeth said that the marriage was “horrible, traumatic and awful.” She further said that she was happy she had not had kids yet, it happened earlier enough, and the marriage was out of her way. She described Fred as a “terrible husband.”

2. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Amber Heard filed for a divorce a while after Depp’s mom passed on, according to Huffington Post. She didn’t stop there. Amber Heard asked for a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband citing that54 he was “physically and verbally abusive” since they got married.

They met in 2012 and tied the knot in 2015. Before she filed for the divorce, they both had a terrible argument in their California home in May this year.

3. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

In August 2017, the world received some devastating news that Chris Pratt and Anna Farris were breaking up. According to The Sun, the two had been married for almost a decade, and they had a four-year-old son named Jack.

Pratt announced that they were going separate ways on Facebook. He admitted that they had tried hard to save their marriage but failed, and they were really disappointed. Pratt said that they had decided to keep the situation private because of their son and confessed that they were still in love. Some fans blamed Jennifer Lawrence for the split.

4. Sophia Bush and Chad Murray

There were rumors that Chad had slept with Paris Hilton and Sophia didn’t hesitate to separate with him, after five months of marriage. According to Bravo TV, the two split in 2005 and got divorced in December 2006. Sophia addressed the issue by saying that she noted when people break up unpleasantly, they go on hating one another but are forced to deal with their situation because they are set to work together for a given time. Their divorce wasn’t the best of splits.