A Bridge is a structure carrying a road, railroad, or a canal across a street, river, railway or ravine. Bridges are ranked according to the height of their structure; to determine the Structural Height, you measure the maximum vertical distance from the uppermost point of the bridge to the point where it emerges from the ground or water surface. Some bridges are constructed across deep valleys making then to have a very high structural height. Bridges are essential aspects of the transport and communication system as they make it possible for communication and transportation to take place across deep valleys or deep water where roads cannot be constructed, some bridges run across countries, here is a list of Top 4 highest bridges in the world.

1. Millau Viaduct, France

According to the abelard.org, this is the bridge that has caught the eyes of the media by having a length that is not comparable even to the height of the tallest building in France, its vertical height measures 1,125 feet above the base of the structure. The bridge was constructed using stayed cables which made the cost of construction almost double; it spans across the gorge valley of River Tarn covering a length of 1,122 feet. The bridge was the last chief connection on the A75 motorway which had been under construction since 1975. The total construction cost of Millau Viaduct Bridge was $ 524 million.

2. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Turkey

The bridge was constructed for motor vehicle and rail transit across the Bosphorus strait, to the north of two suspension bridges in Istanbul, Turkey.

According to Daily Sabah, this is the highest suspension bridge in the world with a structural height of 1,056 feet and is also the widest suspension bridge with a width of 192 feet and a span of 4619 feet. Its construction started on May 29, 2013, and took a period of 4 years and two months up to August 26, 2016. The total construction cost was $ 3 billion.

3. Russky Bridge, Russia

According to Road traffic-technology, the bridge was constructed across the Eastern Bosphorus strait, to serve as an expressway on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference that took place in 2012. The bridge connects the mainland part of Peninsula with the Russky Island. It has a structural height of 1,053 feet and a span length of 3,622 feet, its sides are made of stayed cables system.

The total construction cost was $ 1.1 billion.

4. Sutong Bridge, China

Sutong is ranked as the longest cable-stayed bridge according to Engineering News-Record, its structural height is 1,004 feet and with the longest span of 26,324 feet. The bridge transverse across the long Yangtze River to the Suzhou cities in China. Its construction began in June 2003 and was completed in June 2007, but was officially opened for traffic on June 30, 2008. The total construction cost of Sutong was estimated to be $1.7 billion.