People ask burning questions about their celebrities, including those about their religion or faith. Unfortunately, some Stars have been linked to devil worshipping, and that is a heartbreaking thought, even though the allegations are not proven. However, when such celebs are interviewed about the dark faith, they claim they are not involved with it. Nevertheless, some movies and lyrics in secular songs openly acknowledge God and some stars have also opened about about their Christian faith. Here are some of the stars.

1. Carrie Underwood

According to Belief Net, Carrie is one of the best female vocalists the world has, and she doesn’t hide her love for Christ.

She sings songs that praise Christ’s power and also believes that God blesses her marriage with Mike Fisher. The couple has talked about how they pray together and how they grew up in Christian settings. The star understands the importance of Jesus Christ in her, and she loves to share her experience with those willing to listen.

2. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris, who is an actor and martial arts expert, became a Christian when he was 12, according to Celebrity Religion. However, he drifted away from faith as his popularity grew and his career progressed. Norris visited GOP strategist Lee Atwater who asked him to trust in God. He gave his life to Christ, wrote several books focusing on Christianity and spoke openly about his faith.

3. The Kennedys

Some leaders are Christians to the core, for instance, John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic U.S. president. According to News Day, the Kennedy family was brought up in the Roman Catholic faith. Before his election in 1961, former president, Kennedy spoke to a group of Protestant ministers about his Catholic faith.

4. Angus T. Jones

He was one of the highest paid teen actors, according to Belief Net. He criticized the show “Two and a Half Men” which he starred in for years, for not aligning with what the Bible says. He stated that a person couldn’t be God-fearing and feature in that kind of TV show, but later apologized. However, he stood his ground and insisted that the show wasn’t for him.

His belief in God helped him realize that the career path he was taking wasn’t right.

5. Denzel Washington

The actor has featured in many films and has won two Oscars, according to Celebrity Religion. The star is among the most respected in Hollywood. Unlike many celebs, he lives a private life and is openly Christian. He said in 2012 that he reads the Bible every day. Denzel speaks regularly about his faith in God.