Stardew Valley” has become one of the most popular indie games since it launched early last year. Here, you play as your own character who inherits their late grandfather’s farm in Stardew Valley. Upon arriving, there’s a lot of work to be done, but you soon learn how to manage your farm in the long run. Many fans have been anticipating the Nintendo Switch version, and now it’s finally out! Here are some Tips you should know before starting the game.

1. Stick with a niche

According to Game Revolution, there are plenty of ways you can earn money in “Stardew Valley.” While the most common way is through farming, you can fish, mine, make goods, and more.

Find out what you like doing in the game and focus on doing that. While it may seem tempting to do it all, you have the limited time and resources to complete everything. However, don’t be afraid to try out every activity during the early days in the game. Aside from being a farming simulator, it’s also a life simulator. Take it slow and discover how you want to live your virtual life.

2. Mingle with the townsfolk

No man is an island and the same principle applies in the game. There is a huge overworld to explore, filled with many dangerous monsters, useful supplies, and townspeople. When you’re on your “day off,” you should go and mingle with the people in Pelican Town. Aside from being a good neighbor, growing closer to others will open up some new opportunities in the game.

Moreover, it’s also the only way to get married and start a family. You can give villagers gifts and even take part in various festivals to grow more popular.

3. Use the calendar

The calendar is the best way to find out if there’s an event coming up, be it a festival or someone’s birthday. It’s always best to plan ahead if you’re planning on giving someone a gift on their special day.

Alternatively, you have all the time to prepare if you know a tournament is coming up. You can check the calendar at Pierre’s store, but it’s highly recommended that you just buy your own.

4. Love your character

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your avatar, so it’s no joke that you spend a lot of time in the character creation screen.

While the graphics might not be groundbreaking, you’ll have to restart the game so you grow sick of looking your character. Luckily, the game has a good amount of choices to choose from when making an avatar. Take the time to craft the character that you want before stepping into the world of “Stardew Valley.”