Some people around the world love to vacation and explore islands. You have perhaps watched the movie “Cast Away, ” and it touched your heart but there is one thing for sure, if you end up on an island, there is a higher chance you will love it. Most Island Countries are top tourist destinations and earn much of their revenue from the tourism industry. Here are the world’s Top Island Countries you need to Visit at least once in your lifetime to experience their rich culture.

1. Tonga

Ever heard of the Kingdom of Tonga? Maybe yes, but have you visited?

Perhaps you haven’t. According to Nothing Familiar, Tonga is located to the south of the famous Samoa Island, and it was nicknamed after the Kings who ruled its shores for over 1000 years. You can visit the island and enjoy the beautiful beaches, and wildlife. Before wrapping up your visit make sure you check out the Mapu’a ‘a Vaea blowholes which naturally blow from the sea. It’s truly a wonderful scene worth watching.

2. Fiji

Fiji is a fantasy dream for most tourists, according to Thrillophilia. It is characterized by beautiful white sandy beaches, transparent waters, and amazing coral reefs. One of the factors that make the island worth staying on is the friendly locals. Are you planning a trip this October or November?

This is one of the best destinations at that time of the year. The main activities which take place are snorkeling, diving, rafting and walking along the silky warm beach. The breezy palm trees make the island extra beautiful.

3. Mauritius

According to Touropia, Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean located to the southeast of the Seychelles and east of Madagascar.

Mauritius was uninhabited until the Dutch landed on its shores in 1598 and left in 1710 due to its unfriendly environment and climate. The French came in 1715 but surrendered the island in 1810 to the British. Britain colonized the island until it attained its independence. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations near Africa.

4. Jamaica

Which is the home of Reggae? Jamaica! And it’s also the home of beautiful beaches, friendly people, and rich culture. According to VKool, Jamaica is one of the prettiest islands on earth and is part of the Greater Antilles. The country was colonized by the Spanish and named “Xaymaca” meaning “Land of Wood and Water” or “Land of Springs.” Its situated south of Cuba and west of Haiti. You can watch the Dunn’s River Falls, visit the Montego Bay, Bamboo Avenue and bask at the Doctor’s Cave Beach.

Well, the world is beautiful, and you can only feel that if you experience what you read in books and watch on TV in real life. Make a date, plan a vacation with your family or partner and visit any of these islands. You will live to tell amazing stories.