America is home of the brave and land of the free-- but it’s also a land of many opportunities and a beautiful sub-continent with many breathtaking and intriguing destinations that you probably haven’t yet discovered. You might have gone camping near your city or taken the kids to Disneyland, but these spots are not your average family vacations and they're perfect if you're feeling a bit on the adventurous side.

1. Thor’s Well, Oregon

If you're planning a Visit to Oregon, Thor’s Well should be your first stop. It is also known as Spouting Horn and is viewable from the Captain Cook Trail, but it's advisable to stay back during winter storms or when there is a high tide.

If the weather is appropriate, you can see the surf rushing into the sinkhole as it amazingly shoots upward with a powerful force.

2. The Atomic Testing Museum, Nevada

If you are interested in the history of Atomic Testing, why don’t you visit a museum that's all about it? It’s one of the best destinations for those who love to learn about nuclear testing in the US, and you can view a variety of exhibits showing different ways of testing that used to happen in Nevada. It's great to study the history of your country, and by visiting the museum, you will understand how atomic bombs were created.

3. Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

This park is an inhabited valley in Utah, located in the south-east of Salt Lake City.

For many years, the wind and water have eroded the soft sandstones, forming strange pinnacles that look like goblins. The valley is worth exploring, and it's about two miles long and a mile wide of bizarre formations.

4. Museum of Broken Relationships, Hollywood

Whoever created this museum needs a gun salute. It’s surprising that breakups can be documented and the main concept of this museum is to make people experience heartbreaks of others.

Moreover, individuals who have experienced heartbreaks can contribute to the collection of the museum. As a visitor, you experience the incredible human collection and a bittersweet emotion. If you have a newly broken heart and need some "misery loves company," this may just be the perfect spot.

5. Winchester Mystery House, California

It's probably one of the most unique destinations in California and it was built by Sarah Winchester with Winchester rifle’s legacy. Following the death of her husband and child, she started putting some architectural features to the house. Some people believe she made the house that way to keep off the ghosts. When you visit this place, you will come across some secret passages, doors that lead to nowhere and even a twisting hallway or two.

The United States has never had a shortage of spectacular attractions that are begging for a roadtrip-- some of them created out of human interest, some to reflect on modern life and others the pure beauty of nature. Pack your bags-- life awaits!