The person who isn't aware of his or her value should definitely postpone getting into Relationships. The main reason is that they're just going to self-destruct and cause pain to the other person. Before you go into a relationship, you have to at least make sure that you have no baggage or any unresolved issues. However, we all know that that's the ideal setup. Most of us carry an emotional load that's bigger than a truck. In the end, we're just compromising our relationships. How do we stop this unpleasant cycle?

There are a lot of factors that affect a relationship.

Attraction, chemistry, and timing each have a role. Possibly, the biggest factor of all is self-love. This predetermines the outcome of the relationship, and if there's a lack of it, that's when people's destructive behaviors manifest. It's possible you may not be aware of it now, or that you refuse to acknowledge it.

Remember, if you're not happy with yourself, it's going to affect the condition of your relationship. According to a recent report from PopSugar, these are the possible scenarios that may happen when you're having trouble with the concept of self-love.

Your partner does everything

If you immerse yourself in self-doubt, there's no room for growth. You tend to think about the negative things and that's going to have an impact on your partner - it's going to feel heavier for them.

No matter how much they try to change things for you, you just won't budge. Your partner ends up feeling frustrated and it signals that there will be difficult times for both of you.

You wallow in self-pity

You have to have a strong understanding of yourself before you commit to somebody. When you feel so unhappy about your life, and you're not comfortable with yourself, you may end up damaging the relationship.

You may want to focus on the good things so you can redirect your attention to something positive.

You find it hard to stay secure

This is evident when you start comparing your relationship to other couples. You have to grasp the concept that each relationship is unique and that includes the individuals involved in it. You can't simply compare and follow what other couples do.

It's not a guarantee that their system is going to work for you and your partner. Pay attention to the special things about your relationship and remember the reasons why you're together in the first place.

Your bond will be weaker

The connection you have with your partner will be strained because of factors like self-doubt, negativity, and self-pity. You'll start to notice your partner withdrawing from interaction because your bond is getting weaker. You have to solve these issues within yourself first before you reach out to the other person. That's the only way that both of you can grow and move forward.