It happened in Jackson, New Jersey at around 3 a.m. on Sunday. Jim Zimerla, a disabled carpenter, was sleeping, with his hearing aids out, when his trusty Rescue Dog Marley suddenly jumped on his bed, waking him. The Orange County dog’s good instincts were working on full blast, when he alerted his owner to a fire, burning inside the Mobile Home where they lived.

Zimerla says he has always loved Marley, ever since he took in the rescue dog, and that they were meant to be together, and now Marley has shown him love in return, by repaying the favor and rescuing his owner.

According to Zimerla, after Marley jumped on the bed, he looked down the hallway and all he could see was flames. Their exit from the mobile home was blocked by the fire, so he opened the bedroom window and first passed Marley to safety outside, then climbed out himself.

According to Zimerla, there was no thinking involved. He knew they had to get to a window and get out as best they could. Both Zimerla and his trusty dog were safe and sound outside the home when firefighters and police arrived on the scene.

Marley is Zimerla’s hero after saving his life in the fire

According to Zimerla, he and the rescue dog wouldn’t be alive today if Marley hadn’t awakened him by jumping on his bed. He went on to say that the lab mix was his hero, adding that the love he has for Marley, he just returned tenfold.

Marley, for his part, enjoyed a steak the following night.

Fire started in a trash can in the mobile home

The house fire had reportedly started in a trash can in the mobile home which is located in the Southwind Mobile Home Development in the town.

According to New Jersey 101.5, Zimerla did admit to police that he emptied an ashtray into the trash, shortly prior to heading to bed.

Zimerla’s relatives helped him to salvage what was left in the mobile home after the fire and are full of praise for the canine hero. His cousin Danny Lawrence said Marley is one of those dogs that comes along and blows you away with how good he is.

Lawrence added that Marley definitely saved Zimerla’s life and that it was a miracle.

According to ABC13 Eyewitness News, while Zimerla gets his life in order again he is living in a hotel, while Marley is with his daughter. However, he can’t wait to reunite with his loyal dog again.