The most intense and powerful aspect in all Relationships is emotion. Our emotions dictate what kind of relationship we are going to have – whether it is for family, friendship, job and most especially, marriage.

Hence, one of the most typical homewreckers that a relationship could encounter is excessive Jealousy. It can end long-term relationships, split marriages, ruin families, and worst, end lives. Jealousy can be normal, but entertaining too much of it can affect many. Therefore, persons must learn how to free themselves from excessive jealousy as it is one of the ways on how to achieve healthier and happier relationships.

Remember. Jealousy does not happen by chance. It is always, always a choice.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Insecurity is one of the aspects that trigger jealousy, grief and sorrow. Excessive jealousy comes when people begin comparing themselves to other people especially to those who are in the circle of their significant other. Learn to appreciate the things that you have and prevent yourself from longing for the things that other people possess. Instead of comparing yourself to others, reflect the things that you love about yourself and accept those that you do not. Remember that your flaws and imperfections are what make you unique from anyone else in the world.

Trust your partner

Not trusting a person’s significant other leads to doubting them in everything they do, everything they say and everywhere they go.

Thus, one recipe for a healthy relationship is trust. It is, in fact, the foundation of what your relationship is and what will it be in the future. While it is true that once trust is broken, it will be very hard to rebuild, second chances are also for real. People change especially when it comes to more serious relationships.

Talk with your partner and do not let fear control, and worse, ruin your relationship.

Accept that you are the problem

Before pointing fingers to your partner, look at yourself first in the mirror. Is it really your partner who is the problem? Or maybe it is you who has the problem. There are times when jealousy becomes too excessive when in fact, there are no reasons to be jealous.

You need to get rid of things that stop you from moving on from your past experiences in life and relationships. Learn to be positive and everything else will follow.

Go on a vacation with your partner

Give yourself a break. Excessive jealousy can also be caused by too much stress from work and in life. Thus, going on a vacation with your significant other and freeing yourselves from your typical daily work routine even for just a weekend could help you refresh your mind, your heart, and your relationship with your partner. Sometimes, it is not just you who gets exhausted from everything because your partner might be feeling the same way, too.