All eyes were on Apple this September as the company unveiled the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The company has unpacked its 10th-anniversary device with cutting-edge specs. The list includes features like wireless charging capability, a dual camera setup, AI (Artificial Intelligence) integration and more. Companies like Samsung and LG have facilitated many needs with their offerings like Galaxy S8 and V30 respectively. These devices have an upper hand over iPhone X in one factor: its internet speed. Take for instance; samsung galaxy S8 supports a superfast wireless Network Technology called Gigabit LTE.

This is missing in Apple’s iPhone X. According to CNET, even though iPhone X supports LTE networks, it is not as fast as its Android competitors.

Apple vs Samsung

Given that Apple has never really been a part of adopting the latest network technology for years, this doesn’t come across as a surprise. They are hardly the first ones to bring any technology forward. The Cupertino giant has a reputation of waiting for things before they fully embrace them. The CNET report also points at how they weren’t the first ones to bring 3G network to the table either. They forayed into the 3G segment sometime in 2015. By this time, Samsung was already dominating the industry.

Support for LTE networks holds grave importance these days.

High-end technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have become increasingly mainstream. Developers are creating content on the basis of it. Therefore, networks that support these needs are of crucial importance. According to a report by ZDNet, carriers like Verizon are now working towards implementing 5G networks in the industry.

In fact, they have even begun setting up plants across US (Austin, Indianapolis, California) dedicated towards this cause. Real world environments are being developed over time so that the 5G evolution can flourish with success. According to BGR, Galaxy S8 is ahead of iPhone X in the overall performance of the phone too.

Apple's target audience

In a time like this, big daddies of the smartphone industry including Apple and Samsung are expected to keep up with the advancing technology. But Apple caters to a niche market. The niche market is expanding over time but the firm has established itself a very exclusive, elitist agenda, noted Gadgets Hack. The Cupertino giant has already established collaboration with Verizon in an effort to explore 5G networks. But this doesn’t change the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is much speedier than Apple Iphone X.