Got the passion for running and traveling? These are fascinating activities to participate in during a vacation.

Running is a good way to maintain a healthy weight according to Better Health. This form of exercise helps you get fit in just a few months. As for traveling, this can boost your mood and alleviate stress. Based on a Dutch study, just thinking about traveling increases your happiness levels.

With our busy schedules, doing these two activities can be considered a reward (especially traveling). We barely have time to manage work and social responsibilities, but there's just something about these two that feel so enticing.

While you're on a long vacation, you get to explore different places when you run. This somehow relaxes your mind and gives you a new point of view. It will all be worth it as the scenery's great and you can visit famous tourist spots too!

Popsugar suggests that you should pay attention to your safety throughout your vacation time. Take note of these tips to be prepared!

Focus on getting some info about the place

Scout, the area, first before you a running session. You won't be having a hard time navigating the track or route if you've done your homework. Since you'll be in unfamiliar territory, Google maps will help you decide the best route. In addition to that, if you take some time to ask locals, you'll be able to check if the place is Safe or a bit risky for you.

Run during peak hours

This isn't for sight-seeing purposes, but it's to make sure that you're running in a place where there are people around - it's a precautionary move. If you're running during Peak Hours, you'll be assured that you can get help easily if you encounter any dangerous situations.

Bring your phone but stay unplugged

Disconnect from social media just for a bit. This helps you focus on your route and get you pumped for your session. However, it's better if you still bring your phone with you just to prepare you for emergency cases. It's an important device that will be useful if you got lost or injured.

Bring important stuff

Take some money and ID cards when you head out. These are quite essential not only when you're running but also when you travel to different places. If something comes up, you'll have the money to pay for transportation or emergency fees at the hospital. Your ID will be valuable as it's easier for law enforcement to identify you when there's a situation of urgency.