Behold! You have stumbled upon a treasure chest of some of the Schwiftiest "Rick and Morty" memes to ever exist on the internet, and it doesn’t matter what your mood might be, but these are guaranteed to liven you up and make your day. Time to show you what we got!


The truth has been spoken. Who could possibly disagree with the fact that "Rick and Morty" can do what religion cannot, and Pickle Rick has bound us together since its



With the much prevalent and ongoing cold war between the United States of America and North Korea, one could only wish for things to settle down.

As the pressure is crippling, a good sesh and "Rick and Morty" save us some sweat.


A girl named Kirsten Dubois did this "Pickle Rick" lip art to raise money for a charity (the link to which is in the photo itself). PICKLE LIIIPSSSSSS


To all the girls who are reading this, this is in appreciation of your beauty. From the bottom of our non-alcoholic, fully sober hearts. You’re beautiful.


This lunch was packed by the wife of a very lucky man.

How adorable! So cute and thoughtful


That feel when all of us were eagerly waiting for the new season air date and it was finally announced. Original comic credits to Mr. Lovenstein.


Gotta love moments like these when you’re wearing a "Rick and Morty" tee and the good people at Starbucks surprise you cuz they’re part of the fandom too.


A young Rick Sanchez with Baby Beth. Picture perfect is what this is.


Speaking of babies, look at this little doll! Tiny Rick Onesie + Meeseeks Plushie + Adorable Baby = Cuteness Overload!


This neighbor knows how to have a good time. Why can’t all of us have neighbors like this one right here?


More adorable babies your way to really make your day. We found this image with the following caption, “Got a new fan born yesterday. Decided to get him the best stuffed "animal" I could find. No one else in the family knows what it is.” Would you just look at that?


Morty used Stare.

Stare was very effective. Morty wins. Flawless Victory.


My dude right here is an absolute genius. Best promposal ever. What’s even better is that Kyra said yes. MY MAN!


We can all relate to this meme on a personal level. Even the Jerry’s of this world can vouch for this.



This little darling right here was constipated. So her parents decided to get her the most appropriate plushie to motivate her. We are laughing our poopybuttholes off.


Fox Broadcasting Network makes a big mistake turning them down. Thank you, Adult Swim!


Last but definitely not the least. What a time to be alive indeed.