When you're dating someone, it's natural to find flaws in your prospective partner. However, these shouldn't hinder the progress of your relationship.

People have their own imperfections and you have to look past those in order to move forward. These flaws or Red Flags aren't as clear as they're supposed to be so just to give you the bigger picture, we'll be citing some examples.

HelloGiggles talks about these instances that may turn you off or raise warning signs all over the place. However, that shouldn't be the case all the time.

You need to Stop worrying about the following scenarios:

They live with their parents

Don't be turned off right away. First, find out why they still live under the same roof as their parents. It's possible that they want to gain financial stability and their parents want to help them achieve that goal. Another reason is that they want to take care of their aging parents. Second, it's up to you to decide whether the situation is considered valid or not.

They're friends with the opposite sex

It's not a cause for concern. The person you're dating may be more comfortable being friends with the opposite sex. Regardless of gender, they see their squad as their true friends and nothing more beyond that.

Their social media presence is at zero

It may seem impossible but there are those who do not like to participate in social media activities. It doesn't mean that they can't keep up with the times - it's just that they don't want to announce to the world where they are or what they're doing at the moment. That gives you a clue about their personality: They prefer human interaction and they prioritize privacy.

They don't have a job at the moment

If they're acting like a bum and relying on their parents for money, that's a different issue. However, if you see them try their best in job interviews, don't turn your back on them. In a way, they're exerting effort just to find employment and that's okay.

They're not into texting

I know it's the 21st century but there are still people who aren't into texting.

It's not like they don't like it. It may be because of the fact that they can't respond immediately. Most people work two to three jobs a week and they can't answer your messages right away. Try to be patient.

They value their privacy

They don't want you looking into their social media accounts or their text messages. If you were in their position, you wouldn't want your date stealing a peek at your messages, right?