Black Witch S, also known as Samantha, claims to be able to use black magic to cure people with cancer. Her practice of the "Left-Hand Path" has brought hundreds of thousands of followers to her website. The 46-year old, the self-proclaimed black witch said that she recently cured a Los Angeles Police officer with Stage 4 Leukemia. With the help of her demonic guide, Astaroth, Samantha performs black magic rituals for many of her followers. She also teaches this practice to her students.

A mother's love

Samantha was contacted by the mother of a 23-year old Los Angeles police officer about her son's acute Stage 4 Leukemia.

The mother, who does not wish to be identified, now claims that her son's cancer is in remission. She said that she knew her son would be healed after making a pact with Lucifer, commonly known as Satan.

Samantha used two different black magic rituals due to the urgency of the case. She made a voodoo doll in the image of the officer and asked her demonic guide to protect him. She created a protection vortex by placing different stones around the doll. She also requested the help of her students from her course "Working with Demons." She asked her students to pray and connect with the officer, filling up his aura with healing energy.

The mother of the officer posted on Samantha's website about her son's remission.

She said that his chemotherapy treatments were getting more and more difficult. He underwent a procedure during which he died. The medical team spent five minutes attempting to revive him. The mother claims that she watched Satan guide them through the process of bringing him back to life.

Hocus Pocus and skepticism

Many people have stepped forward to question and criticize Samantha's claims.

However, the witch holds true to her beliefs. She has said that this story is factual and that the mother is a nurse with an ethical and steady mind. She says that demons are extremely powerful and can be very helpful when invoked properly using black magic.

Samantha claims that black magic can be used in healing as well as other, more malicious, acts.

Through her courses, the students can learn how to use black magic to get revenge, gain money, or reach success. She has thousands of followers who watch her instructional videos on YouTube.

Although she teaches people how to use demons and black magic, she gives a warning for anyone wishing to begin the journey. Samantha warns against becoming obsessed with the practice. She claims that some students have left her classes like zombies. She also warns against practicing black magic around children.

Statistically, Paganism has become the second most rapidly growing religion in the world. It is ranked just after Islam. Although the practice of Wicca may be becoming more mainstream, the practice of speaking with demons and using black magic is still unacceptable among most witches today.