With the introduction of smartphones, it is easy to access social media, and some are reaping the rewards. Facebook is one of the most popular social sites and having an active page with active followers can be beneficial. People post things they love on the pages of daily prompts, challenges, pics and even videos. But some of them don’t know how to promote those pages, and they end up with a handful of followers. To boost your Facebook Page, whether it’s for business or leisure, you need to do the following:

Share helpful content

Not all content can impress your followers, and you have to be cautious when posting any content.

Learn from your followers what they love and share what catches their attention. There is a difference between social media and social media marketing, and for people to like your page, share helpful posts that relate to your page and can lead to actions. Being a highly visual channel, Facebook allows you to post anything at any time, and you can take advantage of Facebook Live to engage your followers.

Customize your Facebook Page’s URL

Facebook allows you to personalize your URL to make it attractive to search engines and to feature your products or services. The address of your page can help you in marketing, website if you have one and business cards. The primary goal of a customized Facebook URL is to allow you promote your business, organization or brand’s presence on the site through a short page URL.

Promote your posts

This one will require you to pay some money, but be assured you will have a wider audience on Facebook. For only $5 to $200, Facebook can increase your posts’ visibility through promoting them on News Feed where everybody including people who haven’t liked your page will view them, and while you get the exposure, you also get some new followers.

Facebook is willing to market your page content on your behalf, for just a few bucks. It’s like buying any other service.

Get out of your comfort zone

As much as you should post something that interests your followers, you should be aware that other pages are competing for a space in the News Feed. You might be sticking to a single type of content that your business is about and you will catch less attention from your followers.

You can post inspirational quotes, challenges, funny memes and videos for your followers to stay entertained. Some of your posts might go viral, and as a result, you might have more followers.

Add a follow button on your website

If you own a website, why don’t you add a follow button to it? Some followers would want to like your page to stay updated. Unfortunately, they might not have the time or may not be able to find your page on Facebook. A Facebook Follow Button is a widget that can be added to your website and link people from it to your Facebook Page. Remember Facebook can make you some money and therefore the growth of your page might boost your income.