The dictionary defines wanderlust as a strong desire to Travel. So how do you know you have it? Well, many young people have been spending their free time, if not switching to freelance jobs, to be able to see more of the world while they still can.

There are some Signs that indicate you may be addicted to travel.

You find it thrilling to book flights

Let's face it, booking flights could be a little stressful, especially when your travel date is just around the corner. So when you take delight in this task, you might really love to travel.

In booking flights, the arrival is also crucial, as it won't be any good to waste a day flying there and arriving late at night.

It has happened to a lot of new travelers. Catching promos is a whole other thing and some people simply seem to have the radar for it.

You spend most of your savings on travel

This will probably describe individuals who are single and can go anywhere without a lot of complications. Well, there are also some couples who travel a lot together, so we won't count them out.

For some people, it is easy to save funds because they are meaning to use it as their travel fund. However, the most seasoned travel bugs would often say that one does not need to spend a lot to see many places around the world.

You never really unpack your luggage

Some people never clear our their luggage because it will soon be time to go somewhere again.

Those who know how to pack their essentials are better off having their things ready and packed in their bags, rather than taking them out every time they arrive home.

You have friends from all parts of the globe

Remember those friends who seem to know a lot of people from diverse countries? Yes, those who travel alone especially, get to gain more new friends, as it is easier for them to start conversations rather than when part of a group.

You speak several other languages

Being well traveled, one gets to be familiar with local dialects and languages. The funny thing is, sometimes they do not learn it consciously, but slowly become fluent because they have been visiting certain places a lot.

You are okay to sleep anywhere

Being a globetrotter, so to speak, does not assure the most comfortable trips and it will happen that flights will be delayed and there will be some issues on accommodations.

Some people have perfected the art of sleeping anywhere. Airports are not the ideal places to sleep in, but they are safer than being outside in the streets, right?

You have a lot of stamps on your passport

Come on, you fill your passport pages very quickly and some people don't even use theirs and they just expire. Another thing about passports, is you don't leave without it. Who knows when the urge for the next trip happens?

You get home and are already planning your next trip

Finally, you arrive home. You are tired but something inside of you is raring to go on an adventure again and you immediately start with planning your next one.

How many of the signs were applicable to you? The more important question is, when is your next trip and where is your destination?