Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, "Rick and Morty" fans! The past week had no new episode, but the latest episode which dropped today was absolutely worth the wait. Here are the thoughts we had after watching the banging new episode 7, "The Ricklantis Mixup".

Let's dive into it

1. One whole week of waiting for a new episode. Never been more satisfied. Saying it again because we mean it.

2. The episode title is completely misleading, as of now at least.

3. There is no hint of Rick and Morty from C-137 throughout the episode, except the very beginning and post-credits.

4. We didn’t get to see Atlantis either. But we got to see a lot more while Rick and Morty were out having a great time. The episode makes references to the movies “Harry Potter” and “Bulworth”.

5. The Citadel of Ricks, although destroyed by Rick C-137, is still functional and is seeing dystopian days and seeking a new order.

6. It is clear that the Ricks in control of the realm where the Citadel exists look down upon Mortys as slaves.

7. Mortys are manufactured to serve Ricks, just as humans are manufactured to serve the system.

The school says it all.

8. Late Alan 'Rick'man aKa Severus Snape runs the School of Mortys. The resemblance is uncanny, and every student seems to be dressed like a Gryffindor.

9. Simple Rick is the same Rick we see in the Season 3 pilot, "The Rickshank Redemption".

10. The portal gun utilizes a “Portal Liquid/Fluid” to function.

11. This episode is multiple storylines running parallel to each other in the same universe, all of them merging in the end and contributing to the same story.

12. The dystopian realm of the Citadel of Ricks is unfair to both Ricks and Mortys. Privilege is earned by boot licking.

13. "Simple Rick" wafer factory is proof that Ricks aren’t treated well despite all of them having the same IQ.

14. It is also surprising how non-responsive and docile most Ricks are, almost as though they have accepted their fate.

15. Of all the Mortys present in this episode, Evil Morty happens to be the smartest of them all, almost as if he is the ultimate version of himself.

16. Of all the Ricks present in this episode, Tall Morty aKa Slow Rick in the School of Mortys happens to be the dumbest version of Rick, almost as though he is the Morty we all knew in the beginning of "Rick and Morty".

17. In cop training academy, All Ricks are trained to not fall for Mortys emotional blackmailing, and all Mortys are trained to emotionally blackmail Ricks as a last resort.

18. This entire episode had a maximum of 3 voice actors, which is incredible as to how complex this episode actually is.

19. Most of this episode is Justin Roiland talking to himself as different Ricks and Mortys, and delivering a flawless performance.

20. Every individual Rick and Morty in this episode had their own character, style, and sounded and acted differently.

Roiland is underrated and an absolute genius.

21. Jeffrey Bryan Davis is the guest voice actor in this episode, doing a Sam Elliot impression for the Simple Ricks commercial.

22. Evil Morty had everything carefully planned and executed. He orchestrated his own assassination after providing evidence against himself so it would be easier to get sympathy votes and win the election.

23. Evil Morty has everyone involved in the success of his campaign assassinated. That includes the Rick who was dressed as a spy (aKa Private Eye Rick) and provided Campaign Morty with evidence.

24. There is very less chance that Evil Morty is fully human. He could very well be a cyborg with augmentations. Campaign Morty didn’t really miss the gunshot, and it should have killed Evil Morty.

And last, but most important

25. Pay attention to how the Morty running for President cannot recall who his Rick is. Also, pay attention to the closing of the episode where all the dead bodies are floating. The evidence provided against him is also floating in the vastness of space.