It may seem weird for some, but it was scientifically studied and proven that Kissing can give you a bunch of Health Benefits. Giving and receiving this sweet gesture not only feels excellent, it’s good for one’s overall welfare.

Generally, smooching is one of the few but beautiful social pleasantries. Yes, it the perfect way to express how you feel or even to end a date, and can be tagged in so many ways: sweet, sublime, intense, awkward, loving.

On the exquisite and passionate side of the warm act, kissing is said to be a good-for-the-heart micro workout, as it helps our body release healthy hormones and is an excellent mood booster.

According to Mercola, Andrea Demirjian, a brilliant author of the book “Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about One of Life's Sweetest Pleasures,” said that “a kiss a day, really can keep the doctor away.” Here are the things that experts say:

Helps lower blood pressure

Smooching is not only good for your emotional heart, it helps your heart to have a little workout. Demirjian said to CNN that kissing passionately can make your heart beats faster in a good way. This helps one’s blood pressure lower as it dilates the blood vessels which makes the blood flow in positive and stable manner.

Releases 'happy' hormones

Like hugging, if you are feeling exhausted, pressured or stressed, a simple peck will make you feel better.

The feel-good chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in the brain will multiply that and make you feel pleasure and calm.

In addition, kissing has been proven to lower anxiety. It also has similar benefits to meditation.

Boosts immunity

A reliable source noted that a study was conducted, which determined that pecking may increase immunity.

It releases antibodies that kill bacteria.

The sweet and warm gesture prevents kissers from getting cavities by increasing saliva that washes the teeth. It was also proven and shown that our saliva secretes natural antibiotics when smooching.

Burns calories!

Kissing will not replace a 30-minute workout, but several sources reported that a passionate kiss can burn two to six calories per minute.

A fully engaged and energetic making out is considered to be very good exercise.

As we have come across the health benefits of kissing and each of us has our own special person, we have more reasons to show affection to our loved ones, family and friends. Live happier, healthier and longer.