On Tuesday and Wednesday on "The Young and the Restless," Billy and Victoria bonded in a way that Phyllis can't touch. Now in addition to previously being married and having children together, they have a connection that is work related. Spoiler alerts indicate the former fiery red head is going to respond with jealousy. More than likely she will go into her usual method of operation, and will probably spiral out of control.

Phyllis can't touch this

Billy and Victoria worked together to get Jesse to confess to blackmailing Cane. They went to Cane and Lily's home with the evidence, and later Lily kicked her husband to the curb.

Billy was looking at his ex with a hunger in his eyes that supersedes the lust he has for Phyllis. For the first time ever he was proud of Vicky for being Victor Newman's daughter.Villy fans are loving this but Phyllis is worried.

On Wednesday, she confided her concerns in Lauren, sharing that her man and his former wife were now working 15 hours days. Phyllis pointed out that they are trying to keep "Brash and Sassy" afloat, because of financial issues, but viewers could hear the sarcasm in her voice. Later at home, Phyllis was not very supportive when Billy was trying to talk about all that had been accomplished that day. She announced that their home would now be a "Brash and Sassy" free zone.

She simply does not understand that there is something between Villy, that she cannot touch.

Villy will be together because it is inevitable

Victoria and Billy were happy to find out the truth about Cane, but they apologized to Lily for having to tell her the harsh truth. They are on the same page about the situation, and for once Billy is showing himself to be mature.

Cane has behaved very childishly, something he continued to point out about his step brother. His attempt to ruin Billy in Victoria's eyes is actually bringing the two of them closer together.

If Phyllis lets her lover know that she wants him to spend less time with his ex, it will probably be the beginning of the end for them as a couple.

Billy understands that "Brash and Sassy" is more than a company to Victoria, and she does not want to lose it. This is a legacy for their children and he will do everything he can, to help his former spouse to get back on her feet.

Earlier spoiler alerts indicate that Vicky will have a medical crisis. Phyllis knows Victoria has something going on because when she passed out in the elevator Phyllis is the one who found her. Even so, Billy's lover will no doubt believe the daughter of Victor Newman is manipulating these circumstances. Victoria, however, does not have an agenda. The problems with her health and also at "Brash and Sassy" are very real. Phyllis being jealous of Victoria and Billy is going to expose her petty side. This is what may cause her man to walk away and reunite with his ex.