Miguel has been taking a break from making music, at least judging by his discography. But he made an exception to cover a song from one of the year's breakout artists. "The Weekend" is not the most well-known track from SZA's debut album, but it drew the attention of an established name in the industry. She may have an issue now, however: what if her version of the track isn't as good as Miguel's cover?

Miguel takes a stab at 'The Weekend'

When the video starts (and ends, for that matter), it's not clear where Miguel is. He appears to be at some sort of art gallery, with a prominent portrait of a man posing in the background.

According to an Instagram video, it's the Lora Schlesinger Gallery, which is located in Santa Monica, California. Regardless, the walls are white and the acoustics are amazing as Miguel turns "The Weekend" into his own private love affair, evoking his classic sultry sound as he attempts to channel the passion SZA puts into all of her music.

According to a caption on Miguel's Instagram, he picked "The Weekend" to cover because it was one of his favorite tracks off of SZA's debut album, "CTRL." The young artist has yet to comment on the cover, but she would likely be appreciative of any recognition of her work, especially from a proven artist in the industry like Miguel.

The video also set Twitter ablaze with suggestions that the two should collaborate on some future music.

Reviving Miguel

The musical blast from Miguel felt like a long time coming. After all, music fans haven't heard from the R&B crooner in some time. His most recent album, "Wildheart," earned him several Grammy nominations, but that was all the way back in June 2015 - more than two years ago.

He also went on tour with Sia in 2016. It appears Miguel has been focusing more on his acting recently, though.

Perhaps the positive reaction to his cover of "The Weekend" will get him back into the recording studio. Each of his three albums were wildly popular, showing a level of artistry and vocal control on par with other stars of the genre, such as Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.

There will be other artists, such as SZA, who will be gunning for his place in the industry. If the 31-year old doesn't produce some new music soon, his place in the pantheon of stars will be in danger. Then again, maybe Miguel doesn't care about that; maybe he just wants to sing as he walks through art galleries, admiring the work of others and others admire him.